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PDF Help Needed. And Merritt Island NWR In-the-Vehicle Instruction

This Just In!

Several folks offered to help create the PDF. IPT veteran Bart Deamer, who was instrumental in helping us improve various drafts of the RawDigger e-Guide, was Johnny-on-the-spot and sent me a link to his perfect PDF will all links working properly at 6:43pm. Then, IPT veteran Muhammad Arif did the same; his link arrived at 6:57pm. Considering that I did not publish my plea for help until after 5:00pm, the above is quite amazing. And greatly appreciated.

The folks on the blog are routinely generous in sharing their skills and expertise and as you will see in tomorrow’s blog post, the breadth of knowledge of the community as a whole is astounding. And appreciated!

What’s Up?

With clear skies and northwest winds this morning, photography was lousy as expected. I did, however, get a few nice frames of an Osprey on the ground that will make the blog.

PDF Help Needed

I have the RawDigger MS Word (for Mac) document completed. All of the hyper-links were created correctly and show as active links in the Word file. It is 743MB. I finally got it uploaded to Hightail. The problem is that when I create the PDF in MS Word most of the links do not work. This problem has been discussed ad nauseam on the web with zero solutions and Microsoft claiming innocence. When I bring the file into the office and Jim attempts to create the PDF — an approach that has worked for us before, his Word (for Windows) says “this file is too large to open.”

So, I am looking for someone who as Adobe Acrobat Pro (or some other high-end PDF creator), to create the PDF for me with all the hyper-links working. That of course in exchange for a free copy of the RawDigger e-Guide.

If you can help, or at least try to help, please shoot me an a href=”mailto:samandmayasgrandpa@att.net”>e-mail and I will send you a link to the MS Word file.

Merritt Island NWR In-the-Vehicle Instruction

I will be heading over to Merritt Island NWR on Friday and staying the weekend. Black Point Drive has had lots of Roseate Spoonbills and feeding sprees near the road recently. When I lived in Deltona I visited often do I know the place well. I have a great little-known sunrise location there.

If you would like to meet me for a day or two or three of In-the-Vehicle Instruction, please e-mail immediately so that we can discuss the rates (inexpensive) and a schedule. 500 or 600mm lenses are preferred. Most of our photography will be from my vehicle. The weather for the weekend is looking good. I need to know in advance so that I can set up my car so that you can photograph from the back seat. I can only take one. Shared lodging (with your own bedroom) in my AirBnB home (FRI, SAT, and SUN nights) is available. If a private IPT sounds as if it might be something that you would enjoy, do get in touch quickly. Or call my cell at 863-221-2372. I will sign up the first to get in touch for a single session or two. Mornings will begin very early.

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