Zero Birds at North Beach; Join me at DeSoto on Saturday! Or Sunday. « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Zero Birds at North Beach; Join me at DeSoto on Saturday! Or Sunday.

Twenty-five of my favorites from Friday morning at Fort DeSoto.

What’s Up?

Conditions at DeSoto on Friday morning were perfect with clear blue skies, acres of still blue water, and a nice wind from the southeast. There were, however, no birds at North Beach. I bailed at 7:23, headed for my back-up morning location, and did quite well with more than a few tame and cooperative subjects. I worked first with the Canon R5/RF 100-500 rig and finished up with the SONY a9 ii/200-600, both often with the 1.4X TC. Both rigs are superb. I created 1235 images and kept 49. I learned the location of a Great Horned Owl nest with chicks that is supposed to be good for morning flight photography …

If you would like to join me for one or more inexpensive In-the-Field Instructional sessions on Saturday or Sunday morning, please contact me immediately via e-mail or try me on my cell at 863-221-2372. T

With love, artie

ps: if you can identify and age the bird in the lower left corner please leave a comment.

9 comments to Zero Birds at North Beach; Join me at DeSoto on Saturday! Or Sunday.

  • avatar thomas j MULHERN

    I’ll be in St Petersberg month of May if at all possible would like to get together for one of those inexpensive In The Field Instructional sessions. Will contact you in May to see if we can set something up.”=

    Thanks Tom

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART


      The earlier in May the better and the sooner we can make a date the better. But I am open.

      With love, a

      ps: I e-mailed you so stay in touch.

  • avatar Matt M

    White morph GBH, aka “great white heron”

  • avatar Joel Eade

    White morph reddish egret?

  • avatar Jeff Walters

    Juvenile Reddish Egret??? Looks similar to one that was at Bolsa Chica a few years ago but has now grown into the more mature Reddish Egret Plumage. My best guestimate. I’ve never had the pleasure of photographing yet in Florida or the East Coast. I was in Virginia & Florida once on Business trips with a former company I was with. But no real time was available sadly for photography, though I did bring my camera & a couple lenses in case the chance opportunity had presented itself. Pretty nice shots for a backup location! I’m envious to say the least. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.

  • avatar Brendan

    Is that the same GBHE-REEG hybrid that has been seen in the last few years?

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