Shockingly Amazing: JBWR East Pond and a1 AF. And a Bedford Canon RF Wide Angle Lens Screw-up … « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Shockingly Amazing: JBWR East Pond and a1 AF. And a Bedford Canon RF Wide Angle Lens Screw-up ...

What’s Up?

As I had hoped, the East Pond was better than it had been in a decade. The water level is perfect with acres of exposed mud flats. There were dozens of Lesser Yellowlegs, two Wilson’s Phalaropes – a juvie and an adult molting to winter plumage, hundreds of juvenile Short-billed Dowitchers, good numbers of Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers (both ages), a few white-rumps, a single young Greater Yellowlegs, and several dozen adult and fresh juvenile Semipalmated Plovers. All of the bird’s were ridiculously tame. We even did some flight photography with the 600 f/4s. All in all, it was thrilling.

Today is Saturday 21 August 2021. I am meeting three private clients for an In-the-Field workshop at 5:45am. Sunday is looking like a total rainout. Monday is looking great. If you would like to join me on Monday (or possibly Tuesday) please scroll down. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope that you too have a great day.

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All from the East Pond at JBWR in August

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge/East Pond Shorebird In-the-Field Workshops

Monday 23 (and/or possibly Tuesday 24) August 2021.
Morning session: 6:00 until 9:00am (Limit: 6

For many decades, the East Pond at JBWR was the premier spot in North America to photograph southbound migrant shorebirds: small sandpipers (known affectionately as “peeps”), plovers, godwits, dowitchers, yellowlegs, and lots more. The pond, the spot were I would like my ashes to be scattered (in about two decades), has not been good for many years because of gate valve malfunction and mismanagement of the resource. Combined, these resulted in water levels that were too high; the mudflats that normally would provide roosting and feeding locations for large flocks of shorebirds were covered.

The refuge staff finally seems to have things under control this year. Water levels at the south end are reported as the best in a decade. The young birds usually arrive around 15 AUG. They are much, much tamer than the skittish adults that begin arriving around 1 July each year. The tides are perfect for 21-22 AUG. That weekend will potentially offer the best juvenile shorebird photography in many, many years. Weather and migratory patterns permitting. You will need to get your butt muddy as you cannot do the shorebirds while standing.

Consider joining me to learn the history of the pond, to learn to identify and age a variety of shorebird species, to learn how to approach the birds, and to improve your photography. I am expecting to have some very good chances for creating images of single birds in flight.

In-the-Field morning session alone: $350/session. With brunch and image review: $425/per session.

An option would be to stay over, grab a motel room, and do both morning sessions. In addition, you might want to add in a 6pm till sunset session at Nickerson Beach for only $250.00. To learn more or too register, please shoot me an e-mail.

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This image was created on 20 August 2021 at the East Pond, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens, NY. While seated on wet mud, working off the a1’s tilted rear screen on the splayed Induro GIT 304L topped by a Levered-Clamp FlexShooter Pro– with the Sony FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS lens and The One, the Sony Alpha 1 Mirrorless digital camera. ISO 2500. Exposure determined via Zebras with ISO on the rear dial: 1/1000 sec. at f/4 (wide open) on a cloudy morning.

Tracking: Spot S/AF-C was active at the moment of exposure and performed beyond perfectly. Be sure to click on the image to enjoy the larger version.

Image #1: Lesser Yellowlegs, juvenile charging forward

This One Amazed Me

We had soft light and beautiful backgrounds. I was at the pretty-much minimum shutter speed for any type of action: 1/1000 sec. I raised the ISO to 2500 and say blinkies on the few light tones on the water. The AF system was tracking the yellowlegs when suddenly and for no reason, it charged straight toward us; I had switched from Tracking: Zone to Tracking: Spot S. As I was working off the rear screen with the tripod very low to the ground at a relatively slow shutter speed, I did not even check the images on the back of the camera. I was shocked and thrilled when I saw the series on my laptop.

Image 1A: The AF point for the Lesser Yellowlegs, juvenile charging forward image

Shockingly Amazing!

I could barely believe that the a1 AF system locked onto the right eye of the young yellowlegs and maintained focus as the bird charged towards me at full speed.

SONY a1 AF: Beyond Belief …

a1 Bird-Eye/Face Detection has gotten much better since the V1.10 firmware update that completely eliminated the EVF Blackout problems. It has become easier to trust the AF system whether working birds perched or on the ground, when doing flight photography, or when working off the tilted rear screen with the tripod almost at ground level. In short, thee a1 AF system is amazing.

SONY and artie

Switching to SONY, first with the a9 and the a9 II, and then to the remarkable a1, has enabled me (and others, like Mike De Rosa as seen a while ago in the blog post here), to create images of birds in flight and in action that I could not have even dreamed of when using Canon for 33 years and then Nikon for more than two. Most of the time I am using one of two AF methods that together, cover about 99% of the commonly-encountered bird photography situations. At present, I am experimenting beyond those … Learn more by joining the group!

From Long-ago IPT veteran Keith Kennedy via e-mail

Absolutely great information. I am calling Jim in a few minutes to order a couple of Delkin 128GB UHS-II cards. Your timely email has saved me a ton of money! Many thanks

In the same vein, via e-mail from John LeClair

Well, e-mail #21 alone was worth the price of admission!

From Pamela Viale, after receiving artie’s a1 settings along with detailed instructions on how to copy them to her SONY a1 via e-mail

This e-mail group has been an incredible boon to me! Thank you so much!

From Joe Barranco via e-Mail

Thanks for your great ideas on the A1 set up. I have been getting MANY more keepers doing things your way!

From Barbara White via e-Mail

Wow, I just gotta say – I learn so much from the SONY Alpha a1 Set-up and Info group! My camera is on my desk, and I’m always picking it up and changing something that I’ve read about in the e-mails.

Thanks, Barbara

From Janet Horton via e-Mail

Hi Artie, Mystery solved. Yes, I was able to replicate what you did. I forgot that you have to set self-timer using the upper dial. I am used to that being a MENU selection.

Thanks much, Janet

SONY Alpha a1 Set-up and Info Group

The SONY Alpha a1 Set-up and Info Group is going great guns as more and more folks chime in with thoughtful questions and experience-based answers. As the a1 is becoming more readily available, more and more folks are getting their hands on this amazing body. With two folks joining yesterday, we are now up to an astounding 77 lucky and blessed photographers! Early on, we discussed the myriad AF options. I gave my opinion as to the best one for flight and general bird photography. More recently, we have been in contact with folks at SONY sharing our thoughts, experiences, and frustrations with the EVF blackout problem.

All who purchased their Alpha a1 bodies via a BAA affiliate link will receive a free subscription to the Sony Alpha a1 Set-Up and Info Updates after shooting me their receipts via e-mail. (Note: it may take me several days to confirm B&H orders.) This same service may be purchased by anyone with an a1 body via a $150.00 PayPal sent to indicating payment for Alpha a1 Info Updates. Alternatively, folks can call Jim weekdays at 1-863-692-0906 to pay via credit card. New members will receive composite e-mails that summarize all previous discussions.


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