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The Big Sunday Surprise

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What’s Up?

On Sunday morning, I returned to Nickerson Beach. The weather was quite similar so I headed to the same storm surge/rain pool pretty sure of another 5000+ image morning. Scroll down to see how that worked out. After my morning session, I picked my keepers from the 5300+ photos that I created on the wild wind Saturday and the 2500+ images made on Sunday morning. I wound up with about 375 keepers, all made at relatively high ISO ranging from 1600 to 3200. Many of them are quite special and will be shared with you here at some point.

Today is Monday 30 August 2021. After too much bird photography, I will be staying in this morning to get some work done. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope that you too have a great day.

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This image was created on 29 August 2021 at Nickerson Beach Lido Beach, NY. While seated on dry sand, I used the hand held Sony FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS lens and The One, the Sony Alpha 1 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only). ISO 2000. The exposure was determined by Zebras with ISO on the rear wheel: 1/3200 sec. at f/4 (wide open) in Manual mode. AWB at 8:44am on a cloudy morning.

Zone/AF-C with Bird-Eye/Face Detection performed to perfection. Click on the image to enjoy a larger, hi-res version.

Image #1: Black Skimmer juvenile skimming in shallow surf

The Big Sunday Surprise

I arrived at about 6am and with the low light/cloudy morning I decided to bring only the amazing 600mm f/4 GM lens. With the lens and an a1 on my shoulder via the lens strap, my tripod in one hand, and a Panning Ground Pod in my vest, I headed straight to the storm surge/rain pool. The big surprise was that the pool had dried up completely. The only bird there was the carcass of a large, dead fledgling skimmer. As I had put the SONY 24-105 in my vest (don’t leave home without it), I made some nice (to my mind) images of the carcass, and then headed down to the beach. With a wind from the northeast I expected skimmers skimming right at me. I enjoyed lots of those, but only after photographing several Great Black-backed Gulls (mostly the handsome juveniles with their checkerboard patterns) picking at and swallowing young skimmers.

The sequence from which today’s featured image was selected was the best flight sequence I have ever created of a single bird. I had about 50 frames all sharp and all with the bird being framed nicely. Picking the best few as a challenge. As all of the frames had the bird coming right at me, wing position and the juxtaposition of the bill to the surf were the main deciding factors. With this frame, I particularly liked the twist of the far wing. All are invited to post a short critique sharing their thoughts on today’s featured image.

Additionally, if you have ever had the experience of expecting a great bird photography session that did not pan out, please feel free to share your story. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great morning on Sunday. It was just not what I had been expecting.

SONY Alpha a1 Set-up and Info Group

The SONY Alpha a1 Set-up and Info Group is going great guns as more and more folks chime in with thoughtful questions and experience-based answers. As the a1 is becoming more readily available, more and more folks are getting their hands on this amazing body. With two folks joining yesterday, we are now up to an astounding 77 lucky and blessed photographers! Early on, we discussed the myriad AF options. I gave my opinion as to the best one for flight and general bird photography. More recently, we have been in contact with folks at SONY sharing our thoughts, experiences, and frustrations with the EVF blackout problem.

All who purchased their Alpha a1 bodies via a BAA affiliate link will receive a free subscription to the Sony Alpha a1 Set-Up and Info Updates after shooting me their receipts via e-mail. (Note: it may take me several days to confirm B&H orders.) This same service may be purchased by anyone with an a1 body via a $150.00 PayPal sent to indicating payment for Alpha a1 Info Updates. Alternatively, folks can call Jim weekdays at 1-863-692-0906 to pay via credit card. New members will receive composite e-mails that summarize all previous discussions.


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