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The Best Flight Photography Sky Conditions ... The Nikon 500 PF. Unsharp Flight Images with Nikon (gasp!)

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I spent most of Sunday cooped up in my hotel room at the Santiago airport catching up in the Avian forum at BPN. The flight was scheduled to leave until 11:30pm but was delayed 30 minutes. I did not sleep much or comfortably on that red-eye flight … I had several hours to […]

Made it back to Santiago, Chile. And my two very favorite images from the Falkland Land-based IPT: Scrambled Egg for Dinner and Yawning Albatross

What’s Up?

I and the three three-week IPT participants Anita North, Loren Waxman, and Eugen Dolan — all IPT veterans, flew from Stanley in the Falklands back to Santiago, Chile on the afternoon of Saturday January 12. Loren was flying straight through to LA on a Saturday night red-eye and then continuing on to his […]

The Most Common Rear Button Focus/Focus Lock Technique Errors.


I will be away for almost a month while leading the 2018/2019 Falklands land-based IPT. I should be back in the office (and back in the pool) on the afternoon of Monday, January 14, 2019. Happy new year! I should have good internet access until Friday December 21 and then again on the weekend […]