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Welcome Home Dance Party ...

What’s Up

I got a goodbye gift from Texas, a traffic ticket for “failing to follow a traffic control device.” This happened as we pulled into the Valley Airport at about 8:30am. The young, very nervous officer explained that I was going 51mph in a 45mph zoned but that there was some sort of blinking […]

Getting Lucky With One Pair. And a Great Jeff Walters Depth-of-Field Question (and Answer).

What’s Up

As I type, Anita North and I are on our way from Roma to HRL, Valley International Airport, in Harlingen, TX. We connect in Houston and then continue on to Orlando. Jim will be picking us up late this afternoon. We will be meeting San Diego IPT veteran and my seemingly long-lost brother, […]

Indranil Sircar Rocks Roma with the Canon 600mm f/4L IS III/EOS 5D Mark IV Combo!

What’s Up?

Mornings on the Ramirez Ranch have gotten progressively better with Friday morning the best so far. Under cloudy skies we had many many chances with Green Jay, Long-billed Thrasher, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, and White-tipped Dove. And we photographed our first Bronzed Cowbird, sleek black with a bright red iris. In the afternoon, two Lark […]