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The Number One Reason That I Gave Up On Nikon: the lack of consistently crispy eye skins at 840mm. Plus a few more

What’s Up?

What started out as totally foggy turned into a mega-morning at La Jolla. Just for the fun of it I left my 600 f/4 in the trunk, loaned my 200-600 to Patrick Sparkman, and shot the whole session with my SONY 70-200mm GM lens. At 9:00am I added the 1.4X TC. We got […]

Cleaning Up ...

What’s Up?

I must be getting pelicanned-out, at least in the afternoons. I took off for the. second afternoon it a row! I am however looking forward to meeting Patrick Sparkman at the cliffs early this morning, Saturday, January 25, 2020.

I fly home early this coming Monday.

Cleaning Up: Part I

You […]

The SONY 200-600 with the a9 ii Kills at Long-Billed Curlew City (aka Morro Bay) Too!

What’s Up?

After enjoying yet another great morning (Wednesday, January 23) with the pelicans on the cliffs at La Jolla, I took my first afternoon off since I arrived in California on January 3rd! Thursday morning was excellent but with not quite as much action as the previous day.

It looks as if there […]