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Canon: Gone, But Not Completely Forgotten ...

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I made it out to Nickerson (along with good buddy Tom Pfeifer) on Monday, August 21, 2019, my last afternoon, but after a short but productive session, we were forced to take shelter due to lightning and heavy rain. I got back to Lissy’s early and began packing for what turned out to […]

Don't Forget ...

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We drove up to Hyde Park on Sunday to visit my 13-year old grandson Ilyas Reimov at the Anderson Center for Autism (ACA). He has grown more than six inches in a year and is now taller than grandpa. We enjoyed lunch at Coppola’s Italian Bistro on Route 9 in Hyde Park. The […]

Nikon 500 PF and TC-14E. A Chick That Cleaned Up Nicely. And Last chance for Nickerson In-the-Field ...

What’s Up?

I wound up with 100 keepers on the sunny morning of Thursday, August 15, 2019. I ventured out that morning with only the 500 PF and enjoyed some superb flight photography. On a partly cloudy Friday, I did well and wound up with 55 keepers. I went exploring on Saturday and found a […]