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Flight Poses and Wings Positions: Part II of Many. And Flight Photography Basics (with AF placement advice)

What’s Up?

We had a great early morning of fishing and some pretty good eagle photography on Sunday morning. I caught my biggest Walleye, about 24 inches. On this lake, all Walleye over 18″ must be released as they are the breeding females. It is after 6pm and I still have not started packing yet […]

Mirrorless or Not? SONY and Me. SONY and Patrick Sparkman. Nikon and Me. SONY and You.

What’s Up

Yesterday, Friday, June 14, was my 73rd birthday. We caught lots of Walleye and had a great dinner of ribs and coleslaw. Wind against sun both morning and afternoon pretty much put the kibosh on eagle photography. Today, Saturday, June 15 was simply fantastic for the eagles with a perfect east breeze. I […]

New Sony Telephotos: the FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS and the FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS. My thoughts ...

What’s Up

We had a great Thursday afternoon with loads of Walleye including some fairly large ones and tons of flying and diving eagle images with 37 keepers for me on a sunny, windy afternoon.

Thanks to those who commented on the Red Knot Three Ways blog post here.

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I will […]