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My Third Best Snowy Owl Image From the Long Island Trip

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Today is Thursday 2 December 2021. I am sitting at the gate for my flight from Islip to Orlando. Jim will be picking my up at MCO. All in all it was a great trip. I came for Snowy Owls and had many great chances. On Wednesday, in the field with long-time friend […]

264mm? You've Got to Be Kidding Me! More On Dogs on the Beach: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted ...

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It was a cold and clear 24 degrees on Tuesday morning. I found the owl right off the bat and am pretty sure that I made my best-ever Snowy Owl in the dunes image. The dark and drizzly afternoon was a complete bust as far as photography was concerned.

Be sure to […]

It Was That Kind of Morning; You Figure It Out ...

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Today is Tuesday 30 November 2021. This blog post is a story in three pictures. All are invited to figure out what happened and to leave a comment. I am exploring eastern Long Island in search of Snowy Owls and more. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope that you […]