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Stunned Twice. Crane Colt Video. And One NTG Image ...

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I was down at the lake by 8:00am on Monday 30 MAR 2020. For the first time in a week, I could not locate the crane family — two adults with two colts — in the marsh at the south end of the South Peninsula. With a nice breeze from the west, flying […]

Muddy-Neck and the Little One. SONY Camera Body Help Needed. Harry Chapin. And Used Nikon Gear

What’s Up?

Same old, same old. The lake was very good on Saturday morning. I will be heading down a bit earlier today, Sunday 29 MAR 2020. The SONY guide is this-close to being finished.

SONY Camera Body Help Needed

If you own a SONY body and have ever had the viewfinder black out […]

Horton Hatches a What? More on COVID-19

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I headed down to the lake on a foggy Friday morning in hopes of making some images of the large crane chicks amongst the purple marsh flowers. I failed on that quest but did quite well otherwise … Story and images soon. I will be again heading down to the lake early this […]