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Making the most of a miracle ... ISO 10000 in the dark!

What’s Up?

Yesterday morning’s photo session got off to a very exciting start; see the whole story below.

I spent a good part of Wednesday setting up my new MacBook Pro. I got some amazing help from Apple Care and am quite close to being ready to rock and roll on the new machine. […]

Canon 180mm Macro Lens with Metabones Adapter Killing It! Macro Tips and Techniques. Thanks to naturalist John Bradford. And More on RawDigger

What’s Up?

I have been alternating between birds and flowers on my morning photo sessions. On Monday I began with a nice adult Crested Caracara hanging around the base of the pier and then did some of the Mother’s Day crane family — two adults and the large, surviving colt. I am loving swimming in […]

My #1 Sunny Day Bird Photography Tip ... Get my drift?

What’s Up?

After my morning photo session I watched lots of golf, swam, did my bursts and Stairmaster, and ate too much sweet stuff. The afternoon temperature on the pool deck was 104 F. The pool is now a delightful 80 degrees.

The forecast for this morning — Sunday 9 AUGUST 2020 — is for […]