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I Followed My Own Oft-Given Advice ...

What’s Up?

The fourth and last morning of the first DeSoto IPT was nothing short of spectacular. The Fabulous Spoonbill Four posed right in front of us in sweet light and still blue water. They slept and preened and stretched and flapped until the folks on the IPT became tired of them! We had two […]

Early Morning Bath. And an ISO/Shutter Speed Lesson

What’s Up?

The third morning of the first DeSoto IPT was not as great as the first two, but we had many fabulous chances. The stars were a dancing Reddish Egret and a nice variety of cooperative shorebirds including Willet, Sanderling, Red Knot, and Black-bellied, Piping, and Semipalmated Plovers.

There is lots of room […]

Fort DeSoto is Rocking! When f/18 Is Not Enough ...

What’s Up?

Folks on the first DeSoto IPT enjoyed a second consecutive fantastic morning on Monday. We photographed five totally tame Roseate Spoonbills standing in still blue water until folks got tired of them. We had lots of good behavioral stuff including preening, wing stretching, and sky pointing among others. On the beach we had […]