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Nickerson Beach Backlit Basics Part II: Second Verse, Same as the First!

Thank you note from Carlotta […]

Nickerson Beach Backlit Basics Part I: How Can an Image with 124,000 Over Exposed Pixels be the Best Exposure?

What’s Up?

I kept only 102 of the 2712 images that I created on Saturday afternoon, a keeper rate of only 3.7%. That for the first edit. While there were a zillion skimmer midair battles, it was very difficult to keep the birds in the frame; the south wind was so strong that the birds […]

Pelican Art? And a New YouTube Photography Video

Still Trapped in Password Hell

I still do not have access to my samandmayasgrandpa e-mail address. I am trapped in a Catch-22 ATT/Yahoo password hell situation. It is a long story. I hope to have it fixed on Sunday evening or Monday. If you wish to join me at Nickerson Beach, at the East Pond […]