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Victory at Sea? A Story in Pictures ...

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We had a second great morning on Saturday, Day 2 of the Fort DeSoto COVID-conscious IPT. We headed straight to a spot on Outback Key where the Brown Pelicans gather to roost and then feed in the rip at the point on early morning low tides. After a few so-so blast-offs Donna Bourdon […]

More on SONY a9ii/200-600 Versatility. Topaz DeNoise AI and image crispness -- including a DeNoise Auto tip

What’s Up?

The folks enjoyed another spectacular day on Friday, Day 2 of the COVID-conscious Fort DeSoto IPT. We did lots of spoonbill photography as they finally returned to Hidden Lagoon. I am up early as usual today, Saturday 17 October 2020. We will be on the long line at the Pay Booth by 6:45 […]

Great Egret Prancing Decisions ...

What’s Up?

DeSoto was fabulous on Thursday, the first day of the first-ever COVID-conscious IPT. In the morning, we enjoyed a mostly Great Egret fishing spree — white birds in butter light set against still blue water — followed by lots of incoming tern flight photography. We ordered lunch in and ate a socially distanced […]