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Reflections, and An Invitation...


The thumbnails in the screen capture above represent the last two decades of what has been an amazing career. Click here to see the BreezeBrowswer-created slide show. But see “Invitation” below for complete details. Click on the image for a better look at the thumbnails.


Whenever I am looking at one of the many large Images for Slide Programs folders I am amazed. What a wonderful life and career I have had. And will continue to have. The places that I have visited. The birds and wildlife that I have seen. Wow! How blessed I have been.

Folks often ask, “Don’t you get tired of waking up in a motel room bed 180 mornings each year?” I chuckle when I hear that. Why? If I did not like all the travel I would simply stay home.

An Invitation…

All are invited to click on the gallery link here. I picked 120 of my all-time favorite images for a Canon project entitled “DreamLabo 5000.” To view the slide program simply click on the first image and then hit Next (above the image). Enjoy. All comments are welcome. If you would like to have some fun and help me out a bit, take the time to pick your five favorite images. You will find the file name as well as all the EXIF date below and to the left of each image. You can learn a lot by checking out the EXIF data for each digital image. There are very few film images in the slide program. Then cut and paste the file name without the number into your comment box. Each file name should look something like this: Northern Gannet male bringing nesting material to mate.

Image Questions?

If you have questions about an image or two feel free to ask them by leaving a comment. Please indicate the image you are referring to with the file name as described above.

BreezeBrowser Slide Program Feature

The HTML for the slide show linked to here was created in BreezeBrowser via Tools/HTML in about 2 minutes. It is a little-known and little used feature that works extraordinarily well. Regular readers know that I use and depend on BreezeBrowser every day of the year. It allows me to sort my keepers and deletes the rejects faster than any other Windows browsing program. We use it on the main computer in the home office to catalog our images file-drawer style. And the companion program, Downloader Pro allows me to download my images quickly and conveniently. It automatically adds my IPTC data and the shooting location. I have it set up to create a folder named by the Month/date/year. The Breezebrowser/Downloader Pro combo saves me many hours each week. To learn earn more or to purchase this great PC only program, click here. As far as the BreezeBrowser/Downloader Pro Combo goes, if you are using a Windows platform and are not using these two great programs you are at best, wasting your valuable time. My understanding is that Photo Mechanic is best for Mac-users.

IPT Info

Many of our great trips are filling up. You will learn more about how to make great images on a BAA IPT than anywhere else on the planet. Click here for info on the Anhinga Trail IPT. Click here for info on the Estero Lagoon IPT. Click here for info on the just announced San Diego Short Notice IPT–only 2 slots left on that one. And click here to learn about the just-announced 2014 Bosque IPTs. You will find additional IPTs and general info here.

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Last Year’s Grand Prize winning image by Lou Coetzer


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41 comments to Reflections, and An Invitation…

  • Sally Lightfoot crab Andy Rouse-inspired blur
    Bald Eagle screaming blue sky
    Roseate Sponbill dorsal view flight
    Snowy Owl in dunes
    (tough choices)

  • Artie, This is a superb collection of images and a great testimony to your skill. Of all your images I have ever seen, NONE has touched me, indeed changed me more, than your SNOW MONKEY FAMILY. Nothing has made more aware that I am indeed a naked ape. The snow monkey family could be my son, daughter-in-law, and wee grandchild; or a family of strangers needing shelter from the cold. At this time of the year I think of Joseph, Mary, and the Christ child.

    Thank you for the blessing of this image. My best for your coming year Artie.

  • avatar Don Thompson

    Artie, you started by saying that these are your favorites. Do you also consider them to be your best? I’m not saying that they aren’t all beautiful, they are, but I know that I have photos that while I may not consider them to be one of my best, I still consider the, one of my favorites. I am just curious if you feel the same about some of these. I hope you understand what I am asking.


    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Everything in the gallery is among my best images. For me less than perfect technically cannot be a favorite image…. Even one degree of the wrong head turn can ruin and image for me. That said I probably have another 1,000 images that would rank right up there or pretty close to those in the gallery. Or maybe more :). Thanks for stopping by. artie

  • So hard to choose and I think that depending on my mood I would choose different things each time I visited, but right now these five hit me hardest:
    Chinstrap Penguins
    Coastal Brown Bear Backlit
    Dalmatian Pelican and Reflection
    Brown Pelican Pink Heaven
    Roseate Tern
    Cranes Primeval

    Oops I guess that’s 6, can’t seem to kick one out right now.
    Thanks for sharing and for inspiring me to get into bird/wildlife photography.

  • avatar Paul Mckenzie

    Wow! Even though I’ve seen most of these before, they still amaze. Anyone looking to get inspired for nature photography should view this portfolio. Tough to pick favorites but the Bosque blur blast-offs are right up there esp Snow Geese 1-2 sec blast off. Don’t know why I’ve been putting off going there. Time to sign up methinks.

  • Lots of amazing images Art, and many more to come!! Fun to reminisce, I was at some of those location with you!

    Thanks for sharing your talent and expertise over the years. I’ve learned more from you than any other photographer I traveled with!

    A treat to view all of these. Mike

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks Mike and yes and yes. Mike is a multi/multi IPT veteran. He and wife Barbara will be joining Denise and I on the Holland/Tulip IPT this spring. (Scroll down here for details on the Tulip IPT.)

      Mike, thanks again for your kind words. artie

  • (1) They are all simply stunning!!! I am humbled and inspired. The fact that you included the exif data for all of us to view and learn from just exemplifies that you are the eternal teacher, thank you!!

    (2) I have heard of something like this as an exercise that we should all do, every year; the way I heard it — pick out your 100 best photographs and every year see what you have taken that you like better, but always keeping it to 100 and being discriminating. As the years go by the emotional aspect of the capture fades allowing for greater impact as times goes by.

    (3) FYI Afrrican Elelphant mother holding baby’s trunk has typos
    should be “African Elephant” not “Afrrican Elelphant”

    (4) Hard to believe that this image pretty much starter this craze “Great Blue Heron courtship display OPTIMIZED BEST” — that image on your book got us all hooked — and the image still rocks, even after all these years and new gear and post-processing, lol

    (5) pick FIVE?!?? you have to be kidding me. I would be honored to have any of them hanging on my wall! I love every one except ONE — Sun at sunrise w tern SILH _MG_0496 Little St. Simons Island GAC. The idea and composition is great, but the that one image just says to me “eek, the ghost of Digital Past” this was a little before digital was really prime with the grain of the 40D at 800 iso.

    and (6) My top five favorites (that was hard, I had to list some close runners up):
    Afrrican Elelphant mother holding baby’s trunk
    Black-browed Albatross courting pair Arthur Morris
    Geese at Sunrise, Bosque
    Long-billed Curlew SILH w sand crab

    Honorable mentions
    Wood Duck male spectacular fall color YL8X2050 North Chagrin Reservation, Cleveland, OHC
    Snow Monkey family
    Arthur Morris-Birds-Bald-Eagle-perched-on-snow-bank-in-snow-
    Atlantic Puffin w nesting material
    Bald Eagle striking Black Water
    Chilean Swallows on wire fence during rain
    Great Blue Heron courtship display
    Sandhill Crane pair landing SILH REDDER
    Black Skimmer early morning blur
    Red-crowned Cranes displaying in snow
    Roseate Sponbill dorsal view flight

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks a ton Lisa for your more than kind words. A few notes:

      1-I read your comment on Sun at sunrise w tern SILH _MG_0496 Little St. Simons Island. I am gonna have Jim dig up the RAW file and take another crack at it. I amm pretty sure that I can eliminate most of all of the noise. I may try to activate my NIK DeFine. If I am successful I will likely do a blog post on the process. So thanks. BTW, that image is pretty much right out of camera.

      2-With regards to “Great Blue Heron courtship display OPTIMIZED BEST” the image tha you are viewing is actually a digitally optimized version of the original scan. I got rid of a few twigs, re-did the white on the top of the males head, and eliminated mos of the horrific grain using Filter/Blur/Surface Blur as taught to me by our mutual friend, the brilliantly creative Denise Ippolito.

      Interestingly enough, folks who own a soft cover copy of the reprinted ABP can note the before and after differences by comparing the re-mastered cover image with the chapter-opener on page 149. The digitally improved version on the cover is light years better, yet it still depicts a male great blue passing a sprig to its mate as part of their age-old courtship ritual.

      Thanks for noting that the original “The Art of Bird Photography” was pretty much responsible for the great popularity of bird photography today.

      Thanks again for sharing your most thoughtful comments. later and love, artie

  • Hi Arthur, a stunning collection of images…kudos…each and every image is killer and very hard to nail it down to just five…the Paine Towers is BBC worthy for sure.

    Here are my picks:
    Brown Pelican staring at camera
    Northern Gannet male bringing nesting material to mate
    Osprey, nest, cyrpess trees Lake Blue Cypress, Indian River County, FL
    Paine Towers dramatic sunset
    Sally Lightfoot crab Andy Rouse-inspired blur

  • Thanks a lot Artie. This was awesome. If someone holds a gun to my head and asks me to pick one, it will still be very hard…but I think I will pick the chinstrap penguins on the ice. That is one heck of a composition.

  • avatar Jim Amato

    Arthur, These images, Reflections, An Invitation, are between Wow and Boing! Great work and Thank you for posting. Merry Christmas.
    Jim Amato

  • avatar Michelle T

    Artie – What a holiday treat to see your album. All of the images are wonderful, so it was a very difficult task to pick five, but here is what I chose:
    Magnificent-Frigatebird-male-head-COLOR-V-II-with-pouch-inflate – you have capture and frozen a bird behavior in a moment in time (like a nanosecond) I also like the red/black color combo and the sharpness of the eye and beak (makes me wonder where you aimed your focus)
    Mammals-Coastal-Brown-Bear-jumping-on-salmon – I like how the water blurs and streaks really portray movement
    Brown Pelican stunning breeding plumage head & shldrs- I happen to really like pelicans and I like this profile view. The colors are very striking.
    Geese at Sunrise, Bosque, NM – I like how the fog makes this image surreal and Impressionistic – very artistic. Love the amber tones.
    Roseate Tern displaying – Love the white on white. The exposure and white balance are spot on.
    Honorable mentions:
    Blizzard in Blue BEST COLOR
    Northern Cardinal white version
    Snow Monkey family – so incredibly touching

    But I love them all!

  • avatar Pat Fishburne

    Hi Art:

    A lovely collection (except for the blurs, which aren’t my favorites, as you know)! I’ve listed them in order:
    1 Snow Monkey Family
    2 African elephant mother holding baby’s trunk
    3 Northern Gannet male bringing nesting material to mate
    4 King Penquin Flocks by stream
    5 Paine Towers dramatic sunset

    Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

  • avatar Bill Richardson

    Really nice collection. I won’t even attempt to pick favorites. I am half way through your 5D3 camera guide. Have you come to a final conclusion on AF settings or still experimenting with image priority?

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      I leave them both in the middle. To be honest, i do not think that it makes much of a difference either way…. Thanks for your purchase.

  • avatar Gary Axten

    Thanks for the early christmas present, they are all wonderful.

    While I expected to chose classic BAA images I find my tastes drifting to more scenic and more recent images. While the bears and puffins are great, I skipped them due to the number of similar images from other photographers.

    Bald Eagle on cliff in snow
    Wood Duck male spectacular fall color
    sunset crane pool
    Black-browed Albatross courting pair
    Northern Gannet male bringing nesting material to mate

    Laysan Albatross braking to land
    Brown Pelican staring at camera
    Vulturine Guinea-Fowl breast
    Galapagos Tortoise azolla fern background

  • Coastal-Brown-Bear-jumping-on-salmon
    Sally Lightfoot crab Andy Rouse
    Snow Geese blast-off
    Bald Eagle on cliff in snow MONET W TONAL CONTRAST

    You can tell what my bias is!

  • avatar Nancy Bell

    I see most folks cannot limit themselves to just 5, nor will I. A totally awesome collection!!!!!
    My all-time favorite: Chinstrap penguin group on blue iceberg
    Then in no order:
    Geese at sunrise
    King Penguin flocks
    Laysan Albatross head
    Snow Monkey family
    Snowy Owl in Dunes
    Coastal Brown Bear jumping on salmon

    In addition to being a thoroughly enjoyable exercise, I learned something about myself with my choices. I hope to keep this in mind as I frame future images. As always, you are a great teacher.

  • avatar Doug

    Read the following line in your best pirate voice, it’s borrowed from Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (Davy Jones talking to Jack Sparrow)

    You’re a cruel man, Arthur Morris.

    Put out 120 of your best images and ask us to pick 5. Just cruel. πŸ˜‰

    My top 5, in no specific order:
    Northern Gannet male bringing nesting material to mate
    Chinstrap Penguin group on blue iceberg

    Honorable mentions:
    Wood Duck male spectacular fall color
    Torrent Duck chick
    Laysan Albatross head
    Sally Lightfoot crab Andy Rouse-inspired blur
    Great Blue Heron courtship display
    Chilean Swallows on wire fence during rain

    Question for you Artie. When picking your favorite images, is it based solely on the qualities of the image or does the story behind the image factor in? Things like how hard was it to get the image, first trip to a location, or maybe meeting a dear friend for the first time on “that” trip.

  • avatar Steve Shapiro

    Awesome photos Artie!! I just returned last month from Torres del Paine National Park, and other parts of Patagonia. It is definitely a photography paradise!!!

  • avatar Sarah Mayhew

    Great Egret chick wide yawn
    Magellanic Woodpecker immature
    Snow Geese skeins w dramatic clouds
    Bald Eagle beginning dive family jewel

    Not necessarily in that order. Hard to choose just 5!

  • Haven’t been thru them all, gotta go to work, so I looked for one specific that
    has always been my all time favorite and found it:

    Brown Pelican in pink heaven _Y9C8780 La Jolla, CA

    That has always been the one image that I would pick to represent my mom
    passing in 2002.

    I’ll pick…or try and pick, 4 more. Gonna be tough.


    • The remaining four…

      Afrrican Elelphant mother holding baby’s trunk 123F0289 – One word…family.

      Atlantic Puffin in flowers _MG_0353 Saltee Island Ireland – Next to penguins, I love puffins. I think they’re cute.

      Great Blue Heron courtship display OPTIMIZED BEST – simply cause its the first image I’ve ever seen of yours when I bought the book.

      Snowy Plover preening tail feathers _Q8R7306 East Gulf Drive, Sanibel, FL – I just think the plover is so cute, especially with the eye closed. I also love these type of images where its pretty much impossible to tell where the water ends and the sky begins.

      North Chagrin – Just wanted to comment on what a shame it is on how they let that place go. The Wood Ducks are all but gone. Their bird feeder placement is an eye sore. I’ve suggested every year on what they should do, but nobody wants to listen.

      BTW, I think that Wood Duck image was captured when I first met you at the Wood Duck Festival
      where you were the speaker. I remember I was soooo scared to meet you. Cause at the time I
      had already signed up for Bosque. And I’m thinking, what if I meet him and I hate him? What if he hates me? Luckily it didn’t turn out that way πŸ™‚


  • African Elephant mother holding baby’s trunk
    Sandhill Cranes-juvenile squabbling with adult
    Great Blue Heron courtship display
    Black-neck Swan with cygneet
    Blue-footed Booby young chicks in nest
    (Above in no particular order.)
    Honorable mention–Sanhill-Crane-chicks-on-mom’s-back
    (The only reason this was not in top 5 is that it wasn’t in water.)

  • avatar Alan Lillich

    OK, here are my favorites. I figured the only way to do it was to give myself 2 or 3 seconds to make a maybe/no choice. I ended up with the 11 listed below.

    Tied for first, all three are lifetime favorites from the first instant I’ve seen them:
    Chinstrap Penguin group on blue iceberg
    Sally Lightfoot crab Andy Rouse-inspired blur
    Northern Gannet male bringing nesting material to mate

    Tied for fourth:
    Semipalmated Sandpiper juvenile bathing
    Bald Eagle on cliff in snow

    Too good to not be mentioned (aren’t they all?), in no particular ranking:
    Atlantic Puffin in flowers
    Laysan Albatross head
    Snow Geese 1-2 second blast off
    Snowy Owl in dunes
    Black-browed Albatross courting pair


    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks Alan. You are most kind. I pretty love all of them but I feel that there is a single image that is just snck in, a cut below all the rest. I am sure that if folks tied to guess that image that most would pick one of my all time favorites….

  • avatar Alan Lillich

    Hey Artie,

    Quick note, I found two that are in the slideshow twice, full names:
    Arthur Morris Baby Animals Sandhill-Crane-chicks-on-mom’s-back-_L8X3031-Indian-Lake-Estates,-FL.jpg
    Arthur Morris-Birds-Magnificent-Frigatebird-male-head-COLOR-V-II-with-pouch-inflated-_W3C4368–North-Seymour,-Galapagos,-Ecuador.jpg

    I’m working on the neigh-impossible task of picking five favorites …


  • avatar Ar

    I had to list 6:
    Geese at Sunrise, Bosque, NM
    Snow Monkey family
    Wood Duck male spectacular fall color
    Chilean Swallows on wire fence during rain
    Atlantic Puffin rule of thirds VERT

    Sandhill-Crane-chicks-on-mom’s-back –this appears twice; I would like to see another red-crowned crane image. I didn’t see my favorite dancing cranes in snow.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks. And thanks for catching the double. ps: there are many hundreds of images, perhaps a thousand or more that would have fit in well here.:)

  • avatar Marvin T. Smith

    Wonderful body of work! It is impossible to select five as the best, but these struck me:
    Bald Eagle Striking Black Water
    Black-browed Albatross courting pair
    Brown Pelican stunning breeding plumage head..
    Geese at Sunrise
    Sandhill Crane Chicks on Mom’s back.

  • avatar HARVEY TABIN

    Are any of these from film?

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Yes as it says in the blog post. πŸ™‚ The film images will have file names but no numbers and no EXIF data. artie