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I Haven't the Foggiest...


This image was created with the predecessor of the Gitzo 3532 LS carbon fiber tripod, the Mongoose M3.6 head, the old 600mm f/4L IS lens–now replaced by the Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM lens, and the EOS-1D Mark II–now replaced by the Canon EOS-1D X. ISO 400. Evaluative metering +1 1/3 stops as framed: 1/320 sec. at f/5.6 in Manual mode.

Central sensor One-Shot Shutter Button AF on the eye of the bird and re-compose.

Photographing in the Fog

Many folks are turned off by photographing in the fog. On the foggy IPT morning when the image above was created at the Venice Rookery, I remember folks looking at my properly exposed-to-the-right images on the back of my camera. “They look so washed out, so foggy,” was the universal reaction. Most folks do not realize that the potential for digital images created in foggy conditions is remarkable. Just be sure to expose well to the right so that the image on the rear LCD does look washed out. See the optimized image immediately below.


The optimized image here was created from the original image that opened this blog post.

The Image Optimization

Eliminating the foggy look was simply a matter of a Levels adjustment and a Curves Adjustment. Those represented one minute of work total. Cleaning up the image probably took 15-20 minutes using “Protect and Defend” work with the Clone Stamp Tool and “Divide and Conquer” work with the Patch Tool. All as described in Digital Basics File, an instructional PDF that is sent via e-mail. It includes my complete digital workflow, dozens of great Photoshop tips, several different ways to expand canvas, all of my time-saving Keyboard Shortcuts, Quick Masking, Layer Masking, and NIK Color Efex Pro basics, my killer image clean-up techniques, Digital Eye Doctor, and tons more.

Today clean-up would go a lot quicker using the Protective Cloning on a Layer with a Regular Layer Mask added that Denise Ippolito so kindly taught me.

Before and After

Hopefully the animated GIF file above will help you to learn to embrace foggy conditions. Just be sure to expose to the right; once you follow your normal conversion and Photoshop workflow procedures, you will be greatly rewarded.

Interestingly enough, I wound up using this image, cropped to a square, as back cover art for The Art of Bird Photography II (ABP II: 916 pages/900+ images on CD only). The back cover features a wonderful quote from friend and fellow professional Jim Brandenburg:

Arthur Morris’s bird photographs have a truly unparalleled elegance. As artist, he shares a rare gift of intimacy in his work, then as teacher, powerfully describes the steps of this most delicate ballet with his shy and elusive feathered partner.

Learn lots more about ABP II and our other educational offerings here.

If you would like to learn to create your own animated GIFs and the basics of putting text on an image check out our “Animated GIF Video Tutorial” here. And be sure to check out our complete collection of Photoshop (and other) Video Tutorials by clicking here.


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Because of our intense travel schedule that includes a trip to Japan I will not be running the traditional SW FLA IPT. In addition, in an effort to give some folks a chance to get a taste of our teaching and our passion for bird photography, Denise Ippolito and I have organized a series of short IPTs that may be combined into one wonderful experience or enjoyed piecemeal.

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Last Year’s Grand Prize winning image by Lou Coetzer


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