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Eagle City Referendum...

The Streak Continues: 263

This blog was published at about 5:30am from my home at Indian Lake Estates, FL. It took me about 2 hours to assemble; this one makes 263 consecutive days with a brand new blog post. I fly from Orlando to Islip for a week of visiting my elderly (gonna be 92 soon) Mom, my younger sister Arna, and doing some late summer bird photography.

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The 2015 UK Puffins and Gannets IPT

There are now just 2 slots left on the 2015 UK Puffins and Gannets IPT; if you are seriously interested in joining us on this truly wonderful trip it would be best not to tarry…. Scroll down here for complete details. artie and denise

Nickerson Beach Update

From Greg Gulbransen: Lots of skimmers feeding chicks out front in the open at Nickerson. Lots of photo ops. Next week will be perfect. For info on my 2-DAY trip click here and scroll down to near the bottom. artie Ask Jim about the very late registration discount.

2015 Palouse IPT #2

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Incoming Bald Eagle/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Eagle City Referendum

Today I present ten spectacular Bald Eagle images created by Jim Neiger, BAA Posse member. All were created at Haines, AK. I ask each of you to list your three favorites and rate them in order with 3 being the strongest image, 2 your second favorite, and 1 the next strongest. Feel free to let us know why you made your choices. Place the strongest image at the top of your list, and so on down the line. Tips: click on each image to see a larger version; cut and paste the titles of your three favorites.

Like this:

3: Bald Eagle top shot
2: Bald Eagle mountain background
1: Bald Eagle top shot

Remember, the strongest images gets the 3 points and should be placed at the top of the list. Please do not let the list above influence your choices as they were selected arbitrarily.

At some point I will share the results of the referendum :), rank all ten images, and share my thoughts with you here.

Again, all of these images were created by Jim Neiger. Comments praising me for my great eagle photographs will be deleted. πŸ™‚ Yeah, you gotta actually read what I write….


Bald Eagle top shot/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Jim Neiger Flight School Photography/2014 Alaska Bald Eagle Workshop, Haines, Alaska

Flight School Photography introduces a newly developed workshop to take place at the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve near Haines, Alaska. Each fall, hundreds of Bald Eagles gather along the Chilkat river to feed on spawned out salmon that are accessible due to the open running water. A natural phenomenon in the area warms the water in the river and prevents it from freezing. More than three thousand Bald Eagles congregate here each fall to feed on the Salmon in the shallow open water streams flowing thru the river valley. Towering snow covered mountains surround the river valley providing magnificent backgrounds for our Bald Eagle images. The Eagles soar over the valley and swoop down to attack each other as they battle for their share of the Salmon from the river. We will have front row seats for this spectacular show. If you like Bald Eagles in action and gorgeous scenery, this is a workshop that should not be missed. While our focus will be on photographing the Bald Eagles, we will also have opportunities to photograph the magnificent scenery and other wildlife. Possibilities include bear, moose, and other species of birds.


Bald Eagle talons out/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Learn Hand Held/Long Lens Flight Photography

The workshop, conducted by expert bird photographer, Jim Neiger, will take place in early November of 2014. Jim has perfected unique techniques for photographing birds in flight using large telephoto lenses, hand held. The focus of the workshops will be to learn Jim’s hand held, long lens techniques for photographing birds in flight and in action. Jim is known for his consistent production of amazing flight images and images of the most desirable subjects. His Flight School Photography Workshops are a must for any serious nature photographer. The workshop will last 6-days and include a four hour classroom session and 5 days of photography in the field. The workshops will be limited to six participants so that everyone may receive personalized instruction in the field.


Bald Eagle vertical banking top shot/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Workshop Dates

Workshop AK-2: November 2nd – November 7th, 2014

beh12_std title=

Bald Eagle mountain background/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Workshop Itinerary

Day 1 (afternoon/evening ): Arrive in Juneau, Alaska which is the base location for the classroom portion of the workshop. There will be a four hour classroom session from 2:00pm to 6:00pm in the hotel meeting room. The classroom instruction will focus on using hand held techniques for photographing birds in flight to prepare participants for the subsequent photography sessions.

Days 2: Morning ferry ride to Haines, Alaska where we will check in to our hotel and spend the afternoon exploring the small town and getting ready for the in the field portion of the workshop.

Days 3-5: In the field photography sessions in the Bald Eagle Preserve.

Day 6: We will spend the day photographing in the preserve followed by an evening ferry ride back to Juneau.


Bald Eagle carrying natural salmon carcass/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

More Info

For more info or questions on this workshop please contact Jim Neiger of Flight School Photography by phone at 407-247-5200 or by e-mail. Jim will be happy to provide you with any additional information.


Bald Eagle saying “uncle!”/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Learn More Here

Learn more here.


Bald Eagle top shot/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Flight School Photography Website

Be sure to visit the Flight School Photography website. Jim offers both scheduled and personalized pontoon boat trips and land-based instruction at various locations around central Florida.


Bald Eagle vertical bank shot/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Jim Neiger’s Haines, AK Photo Gallery

You can enjoy a gallery of Jim’s spectacular Haine’s Bald Eagle images here.


Bald Eagles squabbling/Image copyright 2013: Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

Be Sure to Vote

Join the fun by voting and see how your choices stack up against the rest of the boys and girls including me :).


Flight Plan

I can say without a doubt that after spending more than two months (part time) a while back editing Jim Neiger’s great e-Guide, Flight Plan, that my flight photography improved by leaps and bounds whether I am working off a tripod or hand holding. His explanation of the bumping the focus technique finally sunk in. Learning to use this technique regularly is a huge help for any all types of flight photography. In addition, I recently implemented two of Jim’s AF recommendations; again, the quality of my flight images increased as did my percentage of keepers. You gotta love that.

You can learn more about Flight Plan here or order a copy by clicking here.


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