My Two Favorite Backgrounds. And in search of soft, out-of-focus blue water … « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

My Two Favorite Backgrounds. And in search of soft, out-of-focus blue water ...

What’s Up?

It is good to be home, eating well, back in the pool and working hard. It has been pouring here for several days with huge thunderstorms and torrential rains (interspersed with periods of bright sunshine). I fly to the UK next Wednesday evening for the 2019 Puffins, Gannets, and Red Kites IPT.

Today’s featured image was created on the 2018 Fall DeSoto IPT; I will be announcing the 2019 Fall Sandbar Secrets IPT here soon; it will take place in early to mid-October.

If you missed the Return-To-Bosque IPTs blog post, click here.

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Snowy Egret striking: the Photo Mechanic screen capture for today’s featured image.

Be sure to click on the image to see a larger version and better enjoy the sharpness.

The Photo Mechanic Screen Capture for Today’s Featured Image

As regular readers well know, Photo Mechanic is the linchpin of my digital workflow. With Photo Mechanic selecting my keepers is a lightning-fast process. And I am able to quickly zoom in to check for sharpness with all of my Nikon and Canon images. Note the pretty much perfect histogram and the very ugly splotches of mud in the original …

The Animated GIF

Take a few moments to check out the animated GIF above; it shows the before (with ugly mud and muck) and after (with sweet blue water) versions of today’s featured image.

My Two Favorite Backgrounds

In the original The Art of Bird Photography I wrote something to this effect: My two favorite backgrounds are still blue water and distant green vegetation, preferably lit by early morning light. Today’s image featured all of the above. But the splotches of ugly black mud and muck were never part of the plan …

Though it took me about 30 minutes, I was thrilled with the results. See the optimized image and learn how I did the clean-up in The Image Optimization item below.

This image was created on the Fall 2018 DeSoto IPT on the morning of Septemeber 26, 2018. Standing at full height behind my tripod, I used the Induro GIT 304L/Mongoose M3.6-mounted Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4E FL ED VR lens and the mega mega-pixel Nikon D850 DSLR. ISO 400. Matrix metering at about zero: 1/4000 sec. at f/6.3 in Manual mode was perfect with the histogram pushed all the way to the right. AUTO1 WB at 7:41am on a clear morning.

Nikon Focus Peaking fine-tune value: +5. See the Nikon AF Fine-tune e-Guide here.

One to the right of center Group (grp) Continuous (C in Nikon/AI Servo with Canon) AF was active at the moment of exposure. The array was centered on the bird’s neck right on the same plane as the eye. (Note: today I would use d9 AF for images like this.)

Snowy Egret striking

Be sure to click on the image to enjoy a larger version.

The Optimized Image

Immediately above is the optimized image. As regular readers know, I would never even consider entering this image in a photo contest that prohibits image clean-up. And yes, I understand that some folks might consider the clean-up of today’s image a criminal act. I am fine with that. The original image is of a Snowy Egret striking and the optimized image is of a Snowy Egret striking. For me and my ethics, the natural history of the situation is the same. If you like ugly black muck and mud, I am fine with that. If your personal ethics do not allow for such clean-up as you strive to keep everything natural, I am fine with that.

For me, the simple fact is that the optimized image is far more beautiful than the original.

The Image Optimization

After converting the image in Capture One Pro 12 I brought the TIF into Photoshop for a bit of Eye Doctor work and the extensive image clean-up. For the latter, I used the Patch Tool, Content-Aware Fill, the Spot Healing Brush, and to a lesser degree, the Clone Stamp Tool. The most difficult work was in the areas that the muck and mud intersected with the bird. I used a series of small Quick Masks refined with Regular Layer Masks to ensure that the edges of the bird remained pristine. The process required lots of somewhat painstaking work, but for me, the results were well worth it.

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10 comments to My Two Favorite Backgrounds. And in search of soft, out-of-focus blue water …

  • avatar Adam

    Artie, you bring up salient points contrasting the distinction between photography as a means to record a moment versus that of being an artistic expression. Without delving too much into the controversy of whether photography is evidentiary-I would advance that in some circumstances it can accurately represent a certain perspective-in general I view photography as a blend between realism and art. In other words the photographer uses physics to convey a narrative. As such, I’m in full agreement with your “optimization”. Lovely image.

  • avatar Joel Eace

    Oops…..I did intend to say I would prefer it if the bird were moved to the LEFT a little

  • avatar Paul Burdett

    I also prefer the optimized image…it has a much more ethereal feel to it due to the calming water. The original lacks that and looks somewhat messy…taking my eye away from the Egret.

  • avatar Steve

    I actually prefer the original image. The cleaned-up version may be be more aesthetically pleasing, but it seems somewhat unnatural.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Do understand that at times the water is perfectly clean without a single blemish. Would you consider that “unnatural”?

      with love, artie

  • I like the optimized image because the mud in the original is very distracting. The optimized version emphasizes the action which is why you made the photo.

  • avatar Joel Eace

    I like it. It’s Birds As Art where using your skills and creativity your brought forth your vision of the scene without changing the basic story. I would like the bird shifted just slightly to the right in the frame.

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