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Help Needed With Nikon D850 ...

What’s Up?

I realized yesterday that my one hour ten, minute connection time in Chicago on the way to Edinburgh, Scotland for the 2019 UK Puffins, Gannets, and Red Kites IPT was not a safe one. If my flight from Orlando to O’Hare was delayed at all and I missed my flight to EDI there would be dire consequences. I called United at 4:40am and was on hold for one and one-half hours listening to lousy music. I knew that there would be a $500 change fee plus any increase in the fare …

I was lucky to get a very nice agent named Tina. I explained the situation and mentioned that I had been on the phone for 90 minutes. She explained that it had been a very long night with bad weather (and other types of) delays around the world. She found my record and noted that there was an earlier flight that would be perfect for me. And that first class was available. Better yet, she said that she could make the change for no additional fee because I had been on the phone for so long. Hooray!

Used Gear Page

I was glad to learn of two recent sales yesterday:

John Armitage sold both his Canon EF 400mm f/4 IS DO II lens in near-mint condition for the BAA record-low price of $4299.00 and his Canon EOS-1D X Mark II in near-mint condition for the BAA record-low price of $3699.00 within five days of listing them in mid-June 2019.
IPT veteran Dane Johnson is offering a Canon EOS 7D Mark II in like-new condition (with a low shutter count of < 4700) along with the Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5 - 5.6 IS STM lens (in mint condition) for the crazy-low price of only $999.00 within days of listing it in mid-June 2019.

Help Needed With Nikon D850

I found a nice toad on the pool deck yesterday. I grabbed my Sigma 150 macro and created a set up with a grey branch in the shade of my home. The toad was quite cooperative — read docile. I was using one of my original SONY 128gb cards. (Delkin did not begin making XQD cards until recently.) Try as I might, I could not get the card to read with SONY XQD reader (connected with the USB-c dongle). I put the card back into the D850 and it showed No card. I removed the card, blew on the contacts-end, rapped it on the table a few times, and put it back in the camera. It worked, so I thought that I was home free. But when I put the card back into the reader my MacBook Pro could not see the card despite numerous attempts that included re-booting the laptop several times.

I put the card back in the camera and once again was able to see the images. So I grabbed the cable and connected the camera to the laptop. The laptop did not see the camera.

Finally, here is my question: if you are attempting to download images from the camera, do you need to set any menu items? (Note: in general, downloading from the camera is not a good idea as it takes forever …)

Issue Solved Thanks to Bill (aka willyjay)!

See the comments below for the solution.

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