Being Lucky is Not Enough … You’ve Got to Be Prepared and Be Quick! And the SONY 600mm/1.4XTC/a9 II for Flight! « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Being Lucky is Not Enough ... You've Got to Be Prepared and Be Quick! And the SONY 600mm/1.4XTC/a9 II for Flight!

What’s Up?

I am en route to the airport. It’s hard to believe that in about 26 hours I will be spending the morning with the beautiful Pacific-race Brown Pelicans in La Jolla, CA. It is one of my very favorite bird photography spots on the planet. Private client and friend Bill Schneider will be with me this weekend. I will be staying for an additional six days to do some exploring on the central California coast just south of and including Morro Bay.

IPT Updates

Coming soon: one or two Spoonbill Boat IPTs, a spring Fort DeSoto Sandbar Secrets IPT, and a Nickerson Beach IPT this summer.

Do check out the Galapgos Gallery here.

  • The GALAPAGOS Photo Cruise of a Lifetime IPT/The Complete Galapagos Archipelago Photographic Experience. August 17-31, 2021 on the boat. 13 FULL and two half-days of photography: $14,999.00.
  • You can see complete IPT info and details here.

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Capture One Screen Capture for today’s featured image: Great Blue Heron braking to land

Being Lucky is Not Enough …

You’ve Got to Be Prepared and Be Quick!

I spotted this bird flying toward us. Harry was down at the shoreline photographing some White Pelicans resting on the sandbar. I was well up on the beach. When I saw. the bird. coming I called out, “Here comes a great blue right at us.” As I had been set for the very white pelicans in manual mode at ISO 800, 1/2000 second at f/5.6 and knew that the GBH would need more light I simply upped the ISO by turning the Control Wheel clockwise two clicks to raise the ISO to 1250. The exposure was dead-solid perfect; in RAW Digger it showed 0% overexposure and 0%. underexposure! Sometimes you do not have time to check for the Zebras but a good basic understanding of exposure theory will almost always save the day. Remember: WHITEs need less light to be properly exposed than MIDDLE TONEs and BLACKs and. DARK TONEs need more light than MIDDLE TONES.

Learn Exposure Theory in the chapter on Exposure in the original The Art of Bird Photography.. Or save some bucks and enjoy a complete bird photography education by purchasing the two-book bundle here.

I love the underwing detail in this image and I got very lucky with the background and the positioning of the bird’s head against white sand in the background. But the main point of this post is that no matter how lucky you are to be in the right place at the right time, you need to have mastered the fundamentals and the operation of your camera and lens in order to meet success.

This image was created on December 28, 2019. I used the Induro GIT 404/FlexShooter Pro-mounted Sony FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS lens, the Sony FE 1.4x Teleconverter and the blazing fast Sony Alpha a9 II Mirrorless Digital camera body) that features incredibly accurate AF. ISO 1250. Exposure determined by Zebras: 1/2000 sec. at f/5.6 in Manual mode. AWB at 8:06am on a lightly cloudy morning.

WIDE Continuous/tracking (C) AF was active at the moment of exposure. Click on the image to see a larger, inexplicably sharper version.

Great Blue Heron braking to land<

The SONY 600mm/1.4XTC/a9 II for Flight

I created about 15 images of the incoming heron. All were razor-sharp on the eye. WIDE is simply amazing, even. with the 14X TC in place. As you can see in the screen capture that opened this blog post, I kept only three. At the start of the series, I had been panning a bit too slowly and the bird was too far to my right in the frame. (Universal advice for better flight photography: pan faster!) Even when I am shooting flight off a tripod, my biggest problem is simply keeping the bird centered in the frame. And the situation is worse when I am handholding. Folks scoff when I write that I am not a very good flight photographer but my hand-eye coordination, strength, and stamina (for handholding especially) have never been great.

I am falling more in love with my SONY gear every day that I use it and the a9 II tops the list … Patrick Sparkman and I will be working on a comprehensive SONY Camera User’s Guide while I am in California. It will be the best camera user’s guide that I have ever created in part because the SONY menus are so complex and offer so, so many options, some of them useful. And we have learned by experience that some of the default settings can cause serious problems …For folks who have not used my B&H affiliate links or purchased their gear from Bedfords, this guide will be priced oppressively.

The SONY Zebras Exposure Guide Short Video

If you own a high-end SONY camera body, there is absolutely no reason that you should not be getting a perfect exposure every time with every image even in the most difficult situations — white birds, dark backgrounds, dark birds against white skies, simply pick your shutter speed and aperture and then adjust the ISO on the Control Wheel until you see faint blinkies. It’s that simple. Learn how in the SONY Zebras Exposure Guide Short Video. To order your copy, please send a Paypal to us at for $30. Please state in the Paypal that the payment is for the SONY Zebras Exposure Guide Short Video.

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4 comments to Being Lucky is Not Enough … You’ve Got to Be Prepared and Be Quick! And the SONY 600mm/1.4XTC/a9 II for Flight!

  • Hey Artie my wife and I went to Bolsa Chica near Huntington Beach today. It was so nice to get out. Saw Godwits, Long billed Curlews, Snowey Egrets, Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Reddish Egrets, several species of Sandpipers, Buffle Heads, Mergansers, Cormorants, Brandts, Lesser Scaups, Willets,Your Pelicans, Sea Gulls, Grebes, American Wigeons, Killdeer, Pigeons, small baby lizards, Sparrows and friendly Folks. Not to mention schooling bait fish, Canadian Geese, White Pelican and American Coots. You might want to add this stop on your way up the Pacific Coast. Have a wonderful trip!!! I know you’ve been to Bolsa Chica in the past from your World Famous Books. Take Care. Can’t wait to see some of your wonderful shots. The Heron shot and your tips are much appreciated. Thank-You

    • We also saw Pin Tails, I know you changed from Canon to Nikon and now to Sony and that you are loving the Sony equipment and AF especially for Birds In Flight. Some of us (me especially) may not be as financially blessed to move on to other gear and the like. If you could also mention tips for Canon gear and how you would handle or be ready to take advantage of certain situations with Canon gear and what settings you might be sitting on to anticipate the expected upcoming action. Button settings for quick changes, AF settings for fast approaching action and the like. Your teaching is wonderful and much appreciated. Thanks again for all you do to help us in becoming better photographers. Be safe and have loads of fun!!!

  • avatar Adam

    Pretty impressive and a fantastic image. Believe you me, I would rather be in La Jolla than working in the dreary Midwest. Good luck shooting in one of my favorite places. And yes, I am appreciating the Sony gear more and more every day, though am still hoping that it is as rugged and reliable as my prior system.

  • Hi Artie, I bought Jim Miller’s 1.4 Extender and I must say it was well packaged
    And was like a brand new item! Not a mark or blemish on it. Thank you Jim.


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