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Cleaning Up ...

What’s Up?

I must be getting pelicanned-out, at least in the afternoons. I took off for the. second afternoon it a row! I am however looking forward to meeting Patrick Sparkman at the cliffs early this morning, Saturday, January 25, 2020.

I fly home early this coming Monday.

Cleaning Up: Part I

You can find all the items I talk about in the video in the BAA Online store here.

ps: be sure to see Part II of this video immediately below: Cleaning Up — Duh!

Cleaning Up — Duh!

Well, I left out some important stuff about sensor cleaning so I added Part II. You can order your LensPen and other sensor cleaning accessories in the BIRDS AS ART OnLine Store here. The upper left corner of the sensor of my a9 ii had gotten pretty bad so I had a go of it with a LensPen and missed only a single speck. I will get after that this afternoon. IAC, the improvement as seen in an f/22 sky-test was dramatic. (Sensor cleaning details and the f/22 sky-test instructions are included with the purchase of a LensPen.

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