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Tripod Handling. LB. ST. It's that simple ...

What’s Up?

I had not realized when I awoke yesterday that it had rained overnight (for the first time in many weeks). A front had gone through, there was a brisk northwest wind, and the temps were in the high 50s, a far cry from the near-90-degree afternoons we had been experiencing recently. I discovered that one of Old Gnarly’s two chicks had perished. The two larger colts were foraging with their parents. But I was attracted by a fair-sized flock of about 40 Cattle Egrets hunkered down at the edge of a canal. I concentrated on them and wound up doing quite well.

It is cold and dead-clear here this morning, Thursday 2 APR 2020. I will be heading down to the lake at about 7:30am.

Tripod Handling

Many folks do not know the correct and easy way to extend their tripod legs or to shorten them. I’ve seen folks on IPTs and folks in the field struggle terribly with these most basic of tasks. This short video will show you exactly how to perform these simple but very important procedures. There are also some tips on setting up your brand-new tripod.


Lengthen from the bottom, shorten from the top. Be sure to always leave two to three inches of the bottom leg extended. Always. And be sure to purchase your Induro tripod here. For tripod advice, please contact me via e-mail.

If you have a tripod-related question, please leave a comment below.

15 comments to Tripod Handling. LB. ST. It’s that simple …

  • Steve

    Hi Art —

    Where are the Induro tripods made? I can’t find this information anywhere. Thanks.

  • Jeff Walters

    Can anyone in the know comment on if spraying inside and outside of a mask with Lysol after use be helpful and will it extend the life of the mask????

    and here is a link which you guys may find informative regarding Chinaโ€™s alleged false reporting of the virus and the possible actual numbers they may have had as of Feb 2


  • Hi Artie
    Sure got me on your April Fools my heart works i will say!
    Question on the GIT304 the bottom feet look different on the web to the feet in your video as the web look like they swivel to be level but in your video they look to be a solid rubber end could you clarify this.
    Thank you for the video

  • Anthony Ardito

    Thanks Artie! I’ve been using the GIT 304L along with the Mongoose 3.6 gimbal for 3 years now and love it! Lengthen from the bottom, shorten from the top…Got it!

  • Loren Charif

    Artie –

    Great video and great tips! Thanks so much for everything you do for us mere mortals!


  • al


    I thought if you are not using a tripod to its full max height, it is best to extend the thicker/wider parts of the legs first (upper ones), rather than the opposite as you suggest (accepting the 3″ extension of the bottom part for sand/grit concerns)? wouldn’t it be more stable using the wider ones?


    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Hi, Al, Good question. That is a common misconception. There used to be a few tripods around with very thin lower leg sections. With those, what you say is true. But with good carbon fiber tripods used today for big glass, the bottom leg sections are more than thick enough to be 100% stable even when extended fully. On the other hand, if you like having to bend down and need the exercise …

      with love, artie

      ps: the Induro GIT 304, 304L and 404 L are all more than fine with the bottom leg sections fully extended. You can order one of those here.

  • Frank Sheets

    Hi Artie,

    One of the things you didn’t show in this video, which was one of the many pieces of advise that you shared, is to how to properly carry a tripod with lens in the field. The technique allows for a quick setup in the field as compared to compressing all the legs and having to re-extend them when placing the tripod with lens attached.

    Stay safe,


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