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Why Talk About the Canon EOS R Now?

What’s Up?

Me, early, as is usual. The forecast for today — Friday 7 AUGUST 2020 — is for a sunny morning with a negligible breeze from the NW. I will be heading out to do some photography at about 7:15am (as the days are getting shorter). My morning photo session streak is somewhere around 130!

Late on Thursday, I added the SONY extension tube info to yesterday’s blog post and wound up screwing things up a bit. Scroll well down to see the now-corrected version.

If you would like to get out to do some great photography and learn a ton, see the info below on the 2020 Bosque IPT and the 2021 San Diego IPT.

In Images #3 & #4, take a look at the EXIF data and leave a comment detailing the rookie mistake that he made.

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This image was created by participant Muhammad Arif on the 2019 Bosque IPT.

He used the tripod-mounted Canon 500mm f/4L IS II(the “old five”), the 1.4X III teleconverter, and the EOS R. ISO 400. 1/3200 sec. at f/6.3.

Image courtesy of and copyright 2020: Muhammad Arif/Arif Photos

Click on the image to enlarge and see those sharp eyes!

Image #1: Sandhill Crane in flight, Bosque del Apache, NWR, NM

The Canon EOS R

I first had an inkling that Canon might be onto something AF-wise on the 2019 Return to Bosque IPT when I saw multiple IPT veteran Muhammad Arif’s fine flight images. At the time I did not realize that you needed the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R in order to us the EOS R on EF lenses. Or maybe I forgot … IAC, Muhammad raved about the speed and accuray of the AF system. And he made some very fine images.

Note: a second, more expensive Canon EF to EOS-R adapter is available, the Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R. At a glance, there do not seem to be any great advantages with the Control Ring Mount Adapter …

This image was created by participant Muhammad Arif on the 2019 Bosque IPT.

He used the tripod-mounted Canon 500mm f/4L IS II(the “old five”), the 1.4X III teleconverter, and the EOS R. ISO 1600. 1/2000 sec. at f/6.3.

Image courtesy of and copyright 2020: Muhammad Arif/Arif Photos

Image #2: Snow Goose, blue morph in flight

Why Now?

I bring up the Canon EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) now because Canon recently introduced both the Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) and the Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only). I will be sharing my thoughts (along with some R5 images) in a blog post here soon.

If you are hot to get an R5 or an R6, Bedford is likely your best bet by far because the B&H waiting list is very long and as is usual, production and shipping of the two bodies is currently delayed … IAC, your using either of the BAA links would be greatly appreciated.

Image #3: Brown Pelican, Pacific race resting

Luis Alberto Grunauer and the EOS R

Luis is a great friend and has been on many IPTs. He showed up in San Diego with an EOS R and used it quite a bit with his 800mm f/5.6L IS lens. As you can see here, I was impressed with the sharpness andd the rich color and quality of the proccesed images. Luis preferred his 1DX II over the R for flight photography because of the much faster frame rate. The R is advertised as 8 fps but Luis felt that in reality, the frame rate was about 4 or 5 fps …

Luis put the big lens rig on the ground to do some handheld shooting with his 100-400II and inadvertently left the lens pointed at the sun. Oops! (Been there, done that with a D850.) IAC the sensor was fried and Luis had the camera repaired. And then sold it. He is Number One on the list to receive his EOS R5 from Steve Elkins next Bedfor shipment.

This image was created by participant Luis Alberto Grunauer on the 2020 San Diego IPT.

He used the tripod-mounted Canon 800mm f/45.6L IS lens and the EOS R. ISO 1000. 1/6400 sec. at f/6.3.

Image #4: Brown Pelican, Pacific race preening

Don’t You Hate It?

Don’t you hate it when you teach someone exactly how to do something and they wind up doing it better than you? I teach the horizontal preening pose on every San Diego IPT; the key I say, is to get the bill perfectly parallel to the ground and perfectly square to the sensor. With this fine EOS R image, Luis did both better than I have ever done. Do I hate that? No, I am actually quite proud of my little brother Luis.

Bosque del Apache 2019 IPT

Notice the incredible variety of images that you can learn to make by developing your skills and your creative vision on a BAA IPT.

Bosque del Apache NWR 2020 IPT

NOV 18 (afternoon session) thru the morning session on November 23, 2020. 5 DAYS. Four full and two half days. $1999.00. Deposit: $500.00. Limit: 8 photographers/Openings: 7.


Did I mention that there are lots of great birds and natural history subjects in San Diego in winter? Click on the composite to enjoy a larger version.

San Diego 2021 Brown Pelican IPT

January 12 thru the morning session on January 16, 2021. Four full and one half day: $1999.00. Deposit: $500.00. Limit: 8 photographers/Openings: 7.

SONY Extension Tube Info Corrected

Thanks to Patrick Sparkman

Thanks to Patrick Sparkman for alerting us to the (off-brand) Neewer Metal AF Auto-Focus Macro Extension Tube Set 10mm & 16mm for Sony NEX E-Mount Camera NEX 3/3N/5/5N/5R/A6000/A6300 and Full Frame A7 A7S/A7SII A7R/A7RII A7II.

2 Piece Extension Tube Set for MK-S-AF3A, made of metal.
Compatible with Sony NEX, E-mount series Micro DSLR.
Support Exact TTL Exposure and Auto-focus;Built-in Electronic Pins and internal driver.
New adapter aperture hole design, perfectly support Sony full-frame camera A7/A7R/A7S/A7 II.
Including two tubes (10mm, 16mm), 3 different combinations.

Thanks Also to Byron Prinzmetal

Thanks also to Byron Prinzmetal for letting me know about the (off brand) Kenko DG Extension Tube Set for Full-Frame Sony E-Mount.

For Sony E-Mount Cameras & Lenses
Compatible with Full-Frame & APS-C
Reduces Minimum Focus Distance of Lens
Provides Macro Capability
Retains Autofocus/Auto Exposure
10 and 16mm Tubes
Can Be Used Individually or Combined
Internal Flocking Prevents Reflections
Metal Mount

Reduce the minimum focusing distance of your full-frame or APS-C Sony E-mount optics with this DG Extension Tube Set from Kenko. Featuring both 10 and 16mm tubes, users will be able to gain macro abilities with nearly every lens in their arsenal, while maintaining full autofocus and auto exposure. These tubes can be used individually or combined and they feature internal electrostatic flocking with synthetic fibers to prevent reflections that can be detrimental to image quality.

My Thoughts …

The Neewer Metal AF Auto-Focus Macro Extension Tube Set 10mm & 16mm sells for $39.99 on Amazon. The Kenko DG Extension Tube Set (10mm & 16mm) for Full-Frame Sony E-Mount sells for $129.90 att B&H. Superficially, the two items are quite similar. Patrick thinks that it is likely that they were made in the same factory … Judging from the photos, the build quality of the Kenko set looks far superior to the build quality of the Neewer set. With off-brand extension tubes fit is sometimes a problem. In general, I will almost always opt for the more expensive version of a given item. But with the huge price discrepancy here and given Amazon’z return policy, it might be a good idea to try the Neewer set and see if they are decent.

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14 comments to Why Talk About the Canon EOS R Now?

  • Thanks Artie for your wonderful comments about the photos I took right next to you during the San Diego IPT. As I always said it and will keep on saying it forever, I could not have done it without your teaching and your wisdom; and much more than that… You patient and dedication in working with me on my photography… I truly owe it all to you my Big Brother, and I can never thank you enough!

    I know that sometimes I can be hard-headed and didn’t listen to you when I should have; and at the SD IPT I ended up paying the price for my carelessness and stubbornness (the fried sensor on my EOS-R). But in the end, we had a fantastic time both in San Diego and at Morro Bay, and those wonderful memories will be with me forever!

    Thanks again for your teaching and your wisdom, and best of all… for your friendship!

    With much Love!

    Luis Alberto Grunauer, Jr.

  • avatar Andrew

    Kenko tubes are somewhat OK but front covers basically freely rotate and better be careful
    when mounted because they easily unlock especially when walking with your tripod on your
    shoulder. If you want to mount 2 Teleconverters then you have to file off bottom of plastic
    tube in one of your extension tube.

  • avatar Adam

    Yes, the R5 appears very intriguing and much of the discussion is being lost in the miasma of concerns over video and overheating. While the sensor read rate is slower than the a9(II) providing the potential for rolling shutter in e-mode, the AF appears amazing, the frame rate is phenomenal, and the 45 MP sensor is equally impressive. Who knows when the camera will actually be available given the small first allotment has already been distributed? Given the plethora of inexpensive, capable Canon EF lenses on the market, this is a very viable alternative to the Sony systems. In the end, the consumer wins because the competition drives product improvement for all of us.

    • avatar Andrew

      There’re already reports on youtube about rolling shutter on R5 but hey,
      I’ve got rolling shutter similar effect on a7r4 on static subjects making it useless
      for silent mode !

      • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

        See our comments on Silent mode with the a7r iv in the SONY e-guide.

        with love, artie

        • avatar Andrew

          Is your comment in e-guide making possible to use silent mode with speeds 1/30 and slower without having half of the picture distorted (I’m talking about static subjects here; no movement whatsoever) ?
          I don’t want to spend $100 for something if I don’t know the result.

          • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

            Here is a freebie: we recommend that folks only use mechanical shutter with the 7r iv.

            with love, artie

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks, Adam. I will be taking a closer look at the R5 and the R6 here in a few days.

      with love, artie

  • avatar Tom Schreffler

    Good morning Artie,

    I think you missed the Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set for Nikon in your list yesterday. They have been around for years.

    Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set DG for Nikon Lens


  • avatar Richard Kolar



    II teach the horizontal preening pose
    Luis did both better than I ever done


    Thanks, Richard. Both fixed.

    with love, artie

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