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Give Me Five Good Sunset Minutes ...

What’s Up?

Today is Wednesday 17 November 2021. Again, I am working on this blog post while parked on sun angle to this morning’s road kill cafe. It is 8:10am, and again, there has been no action. But at least I am getting some work done. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope that you too have a great day. This blog post took more than an hour to prepare.

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Gear Questions and Advice

Too many folks attending BAA IPTs and dozens of photographers whom I see in the field and on BPN, are–out of ignorance–using the wrong gear, especially when it comes to tripods and more especially, tripod heads… Please know that I am always glad to answer your gear questions via e-mail.

This image was created on 16 November 2021 down by the lake near my hone at Indian Lake Estates, FL. While standing, I used the hand held Sony FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS lens, the Sony FE 2.0x Teleconverter, and The One, the Sony Alpha 1 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only). ISO 1600. The exposure was determined by Zebras with ISO on the rear wheel: 1/2000 sec. at f/8 (wide open) in Manual mode. AWB at 5:33pm, one minute after sunset.

Tracking: Upper Right Zone with Bird-Eye/Face Detection performed pretty darned well by tracking the chin of this bird. Be sure to click on the image to enjoy a high-res version.

Image #1: Boat-tailed Grackle on “The Perch” at sunset

Give Me Five Good Sunset Minutes …

After an early dinner — I am still doing intermittent fasting, I did not leave the house until 5:15pm. Sunset was at 5:32. I checked the canal north of the North Field for the Barred Owl with no luck. Then I checked “The Perch” that I had set up last year with neighbor-friend Ralph. There were two grackles on it and the western sky was coloring up nicely. But time was short so I decided to skip the tripod. I meant to add the 2X TC to the 200-600, but instead, grabbed the 600 f/4 without thinking. I thought, What the heck. There is lots of light. Maybe I can do it.. In a very few minutes I created more than 400 images. I kept 15 including two of a fly-by White Ibis. I had lots of chances on action: grackles interacting and grackles in flight above the perch. I fanned on all of them.

This was my favorite image because the bird had hopped forward slightly and raised its tail so that it did not intersect with the perch. Accurate Bird-Eye/Face Detection AF at 1200mm is something that we could only have dreamed about just a year ago. The problem is that getting a Sony 600mm f/4 GM lens is very difficult at best. If there is one in your future, it would best to use one of my two affiliates right now and be prepared to sit on the wait list ..

The BAA Middle of Florida Photographic Site Guide

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The BAA Middle of Florida Photographic Site Guide

126 pages, 87 photographs by Joe Przybyla and Arthur Morris.
The PDF for this e-Guide is an electronic download sent via e-mail.

Purchase your copy here in the BAA Online Store.

I had thought about doing a guide to some of the great but little-known photo hotspots around central Florida for about a decade, but those plans never came to fruition. I met Joe online in the Avian Forum at BirdPhotographer’s.Net about two years ago. Joe’s photography has improved tremendously over the past few years; he credits the BAA blog, my books and PDFs, and his participation on BPN. The one thing that I learned right from the get-go about Joe is that he is a hard and tenacious worker, always striving to improve his skills and to grow his knowledge base. As he knew of more than a few good spots in central Florida, I broached the idea of us doing a photographic site guide that covered many of the little-known photographic hotspots from Brandon to Lakeland to Joe Overstreet Road to Indian Lake Estates (my Florida home for the past 20 years or so). After more than many, many dozens of hours of effort, The BIRDS AS ART Middle of Florida Photographic Site Guide is now a reality. Thanks to Joe’s wife Dottie for her review of our writing. We all learned once again that writing is a process, a back and forth process. All thanks to the white pelicans of Lakeland. Here are the locations that are detailed in this e-Guide:

  • Indian Lake Estates: Sandhills Cranes with chicks and colts, lots of vultures, and Ospreys up the kazoo!
  • Gatorland, Kissimmee: Learn to make great images of wading birds in a cluttered rookery.
  • The Brandon Rookery: Great for nesting Wood Storks, Great Egrets, and more.
  • Circle Bar B Reserve, Lakeland: Here you will find a great variety of avian subjects in a great variety of habitats.
  • Lake Morton, Lakeland: There are lots of silly tame birds here including and especially American White Pelican during the colder months.
  • Lake Mirror, Lakeland: Tame Anhingas, Limpkins, and a zillion White Ibises at times.
  • West Lake Parker, Lakeland: Here you will have a chance for two difficult birds, Snail Kite, and Purple Gallinule.
  • Joe Overstreet Road, Kenansville: Crested Caracara, meadowlarks, Loggerhead Shrike, and much more on the fenceposts and barbed wire.

Each location includes a map, a detailed description of the best spots, best season, light and time of day instructions, the expected species, and an educational and inspirational gallery that is designed to open your eyes as to the possibilities.

You can purchase a copy here in the BAA Online Store.


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