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Happy New Year 2022. Exactly where are we? And a new, proposed New York State law ...

This image was created on 3 November 2021 at Indian Lake Estates. Talk about being lazy? This image was created from the driver’s seat of my SUV. Talk about versatility? I used the hand held Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS lens (at 248mm), and The One, the Sony Alpha 1 Mirrorless digital camera. ) ISO 2500. Exposure determined via Zebras with ISO on the rear dial: 1/800 sec. at f/16 (stopped down 2 2/3 stops) in Manual mode. AWB at 7:49:10am on a soon-to-be sunny morning.

Click on the image to enjoy a high-res version.

To the Dawn of a New Year

Happy New Year

Today is 1 January 2022. My right-hand man, Jim Litzenberg, my older daughter and BAA Executive Director & accountant, Jennifer Morris, and I wish you nothing but the best in the coming year. May all of you and your families enjoy good health and prosperity.

I am hoping that our country gets back on track in the coming year. If you think that everything is just dandy, you might want to stop and ask yourself: just exactly where are we with all the restrictions, mandates, shutdowns, vaccinations, joblessness, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and increasing rates of depression and suicide?

While I strive to keep the blog free of COVID-related and political topics, I am making an exception today. Why? I feel that I some point, someone has to speak up. I truly wish all of us the best …

What’s Up?

Jim and I enjoyed another 2 1/2 mile walk at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland on a cool, very cloudy morning. I continue to work on small-in-the-frame mostly Great Blue Heron bird-scapes with the tripod-mounted Sony 70-200 II and the a1. Yesterday, I made one at 70mm! At some point, I will share the best of those with you here. Sunset color was great again last night. Working from the pier has been challenging with very few keepers, but almost every night I have come up with one spectacular image. Last night it was a late Great Blue Heron that flew by right through the brightest color.

The forecast for this morning is for mostly to partly cloudy with a gentle breeze from the south. I will be heading down to the lake soon. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope that you too have a great day. This blog post took about an hour to prepare and makes 51 consecutive days with a new one.

New Laws Proposed in New York State

If you think that the video above is completely bogus, below is a section of the proposed bill, A416, cut and pasted from the New York State Senate website here.


(Bold italics mine.)

All civil comments are welcome.


With all blog posts, feel free to e-mail or to leave a comment regarding any typos or errors.

43 comments to Happy New Year 2022. Exactly where are we? And a new, proposed New York State law …

  • avatar Steve Schiff

    Geez, Artie, you really opened a Pandora’s box with this one! Happy New Year anyway!

  • avatar Pat Walsh

    I am surprised by the people who comment without reading the whole bill or looking into it.
    Yes – the video is BOGUS. Unfortunately, anyone can write/say something which grossly misrepresents reality and post it on social media.
    1. The bill is not new – it was introduced by Assemblyman Nick Perry from Brooklyn in 2015 (long before COVID 19) to address public health concerns involving people infected with Ebola who had entered the United States as well as persons who refused to quarantine after being exposed to Ebola – a deadly virus. It has been reintroduced every session since, and like over 7000 bills a year, has never come up for a vote.
    2. It is an addition to PBH § 2120 which gives the state the right to “commit any person who is afflicted with a communicable disease or is a carrier of typhoid fever, tuberculosis, diphtheria or other communicable disease and is unable or unwilling to conduct himself and to live in such a manner as not to expose members of his family or household or other persons with whom he may be associated to danger of infection, to any hospital or institution established for the care of persons suffering from any such communicable disease or maintaining a room, ward or wards for such persons”.
    3. It is not being voted on – it was referred to committee and Mr. Perry removed the bill from the calendar on Dec. 22 “”To deprive these individuals the ability to use this issue for fuel to spread their fire of lies and mistruths” While Ebola is no longer a major concern, thanks to the availability of a VACCINE, this leaves our government without a mechanism to deal with emergencies involving communicable diseases.
    4. Rather than allowing “indefinite detention” a major part of the bill would have protected the rights of those people by requiring a court order/hearing for all persons detained for more than 3 days! Something not contained in PBH 2120, as well as stipulating the conditions and treatment (including legal rights) the detainees must be afforded.


    This bill was designed to ensure that our government, in an emergency, can lawfully act to protect all people from persons carrying deadly viruses as well as protecting the rights of those carriers.
    For more info see this Reuters article:

    One additional note – six members/past members of my camera club have contracted Covid. Five of those cases occurred in March/April 2020, before vaccines were available, and resulted in 2 deaths and one long hauler. The sixth case occurred in 2021 in a former member who was an anti vaxxer and resulted in his death.
    Take the time to read all reliable information. Respect others and take responsibility.

  • avatar Maxxus

    David Policansky. I have long lost patience with people like you who think forcing EU vaccines on others as perfectly “ok”! These vaccines are still new and in clinical trial phases , and the data is a mess! Your at no more risk by unvaccinated as you are by the vaccinated! And get this through your head.. this virus is ENDEMIC! it’s never ever going away… Never. You will have to learn to live with it. You can only hope it weakens as time goes by, but like the common flu it will return year after year. Get your head out of the sand, stop being a coward and stand up for basic human rights!!

    • avatar David Policansky

      Maxxus: we actually agree on something! Yes, covid is endemic. Flu is endemic and I get flu shots. Let me ask you something. You dismiss vaccines as being ineffective, only 40%, in another post. That number is way low for preventing death, but let’s use it for argument. I think between 400,000 and 500,000 people died of covid in the US in 2020, before vaccines were were available for most people. Let’s say 400,000 died. Now, if those people had been vaccinated with a 40% effective vaccine, that means 160,000 lives would have been saved. Why wouldn’t you embrace a medical intervention that would have saved 160,000 lives? And in truth it would have saved 360,000 lives. Please explain that.

  • avatar Maxxus

    David Policansky, your the one drinking the Kool Aid. Bob is right, people are also dying from the vaccines. You took the vaccine? Fine that’s your choice. But don’t try to coerce others to make yourself feel better. They have rights to, and if they decide against the vaccine well… Too bad if you don’t like their decision!!

    • avatar David Policansky

      Maxxus: I don’t want others to take the vaccines to make myself feel better. I want them to take them to so I won’t get sick, and more importantly, so the economy and society can recover from this plague.

  • avatar Maxxus

    I am glad to see your speaking up. Americans are losing their freedoms over promised safety that will never come. This virus is Endemic, meaning it will not disappear with vaccines and will return annually (hopefully in weaker form).The vaccines have already been proven to be weak in the fight against covid. Their efficiecy rating is 40 percent at peak (about 2 months after 2cd shot). Worse, their effectiveness wanes after only 4 months! Hence why they want you taking a 3rd shot now. And Germany also released research (they’re ahead of US in this area although I dont agree with their tyrannical approach… lockdowns etc.) that shows out of 4k plus cases, 96 percent who contacted omnicon had received their 2cd shot… And the kicker? Aprox 4 percent of these cases were unvaccinated. Tell me how that works ?? What folks do not realize is this was planned. Politicians are using the pandemic as a reason to take away your freedoms. If you don’t believe that you soon will. Look at what happened in a NYC Applebee’s last week… NYPD upholding the Governors mandates requiring vaccination to eat in restaurants – police detained a 5yr old with parent , then escorted them from the Applebee’s restaurant! They traumatized a child!! For those unaware NYC has mandated vaccines for 5-11 yr old children… This is unethical and immoral. Anyone who puts a child at risk for fear or contracting COVID is a selfish coward. So What’s next? Soon you won’t be able to buy groceries without a COVID pass?? Eventually this will be a digital ID and your finances as well as social status will be tied to this digital pass (don’t believe it? Conspiracy you say? It’s been discussed for years ).The problem is the majority are complying based on fear mongering, which affects us few who see the problem and fight back . People need to stop being afraid and think , do your own research , avoid mainstream media (they are corrupt and pushing a narrative) and do not comply!! If we continue down this path we will live under a tyrannical police state. We are nearly there now!!

  • avatar Jim Gindorff

    WOW! I have to agree whole-heartedly with Mr. Policansky – the Kool-aid offered by the likes of JP and others is indeed a strange brew. As a former teacher of mine once stated, “Sincerity is never a substitute for accuracy.” And, as Kathy Kunce points out, the plethora of misinformation is what feeds the inaccuracy. The statement from Mr. Policansky via the doctor that, “80 percent of hospital admissions are among the unvaccinated and more than 95% of the people who are very sick and die are unvaccinated, and nobody who received a booster has died in his hospitals,” is almost the exact situation we are experiencing here in Minnesota. These are the facts and not hearsay – nor is it a theory (conspiratorial or otherwise). Nor is it an overstatement in search of an overreach on our freedom anymore than is wearing a seatbelt, not having to breathe secondhand smoke, or driving the speed limit (to name a few) – all “mandates” intended for the good us all.

  • avatar Monte Brown

    I am not anti-vaccine, however I was one who had a severe reaction to the vaccine and will not be getting a booster. My doctor did not diagnose it as vaccine reaction so I had the second one. I ended up with multiple symptoms that lasted for 4 months. The symptoms included horrible brain fog that impacted decision making, very painful joints that prohibited me from climbing stairs, extreme fatigue and full body hives. The hives would last for 10-12 days then disappear for a few days and then re-occur. I was barely able to function because the only thing my doctors prescribed were prednisone and a double dose of Benadryl. None of my doctors would admit it was a reaction to the vaccine. Artie and Dr. Cliff Oliver urged me to contact a doctor from the Front Line Group which I did. Dr. Austin prescribed Ivermectin and supplements and within 2 days of starting the Ivermectin my symptoms began to subside and they were all gone within 5. I still take the supplements as a precaution. I did self report my reaction to VAERS. None of my doctors did any reporting; they are being encouraged not to report reactions, therefore we don’t have accurate data on vaccine reactions.
    CS Lewis was prophetic, he wrote about the rise of scientism in the 1950’s. We can no longer question the science or the medical profession without being labeled anti-science or anti vax.

    • avatar David Policansky

      Monte Brown: I’m sorry you had bad reactions to the vaccine. But you’re wrong when you say “we can no longer question the science or the medical profession.” I am a scientist and I encourage everyone to question scientists and science. I question my doctors often. Here’s where I see a problem: It’s stating wrong facts (not opinions, verifiable facts) and then arguing based on them. Then, when the arguer is told that the facts are wrong, the response is “You won’t let me question science or scientists.”

      There are political issues surrounding the response to covid that are debatable by people of good faith. Should we ever use lockdowns, and if so, when and where and how? Should we close schools because of covid? Ever? Never? Should we use vaccine mandates? By public entities? By private entities? (For what it’s worth, my reading of the US Constitution suggests that we can’t stop private entities from instituting vaccine mandates, but we can decide not to work for them or patronize them is we wish.)

      But we shouldn’t ignore the 800,000 excess lives lost in the US since January 2020 due to covid. We shouldn’t deny that vaccines and masks save lives; vaccines especially are stunningly effective. We should continue to evaluate the effectiveness of Ivermectin as an anti-covd drug as long as there is any reason to believe that it might work, although I’ve seen no such evidence, but I’m not a medical professional or medical scientist. And by all means let’s continue to question scientists.

    • avatar Ryan Sanderson

      Who is encouraging your doctors not to report reactions to VAERS?

      • avatar David Policansky

        Ryan Sanderson: nobody that I know of. Look, this is anecdote, but I knew four people who have died of covid, know at least a dozen who have got sick from covid (one, unvaccinated, still on oxygen months later), and nobody that had serious adverse reactions to the vaccines beyond feeling like crap for a day or two. Most people I know have enrolled in the vaccine reporting system and I have encouraged many people to do so. I am confident that serious reactions to the vaccines are extremely rare

        • avatar Ryan Sanderson

          David, me either. As essentially all of the arguments against vaccination in this thread are based on misinformation and conspiracy, so too is the idea that physicians are being encouraged not to report vaccine reactions to VAERS. My birding friends and I are all fully vaccinated and boosted. I’m quite surprised to see so many recycled arguments against vaccination here. I’m a practicing primary care physician with about 2200 patients in Indiana. We don’t have the best vaccination rate in my state, but I’d estimate approximately 3,000 COVID vaccinations have been given to my patients. Zero hospitalized from reactions. Zero dead from COVID. Hospitals are not filling with vaccine reactions, they are filling with very high proportions of individuals not vaccinated against COVID. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

          • avatar Ryan Sanderson

            To clarify, that is zero vaccinated have died from COVID. I’ve had several unvaccinated patients die from COVID.

  • I agree with Jeff Walters. Read Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book, and you will too.

  • avatar David Policansky

    Kathy Kunce is mostly correct. Many of the posters here just have their facts wrong. I don’t know why they think they know more than the people who develop, test, evaluate, and use the various tools we have to combat covid, including vaccines, but they do. They are twisting facts: for example, of course the vaccines aren’t perfect; nobody said they would or could be; but talk to anyone who works in hospitals. I just talked to the head emergency room doctor of a major consortium of hospitals, and he told me that 80 percent of hospital admissions are among the unvaccinated and more than 95% of the people who are very sick and die are unvaccinated, and nobody who received a booster has died in his hospitals. This coming from a population of people more than half of whom are vaccinated, so if the vaccines and boosters didn’t work, you’d expect half of hospital admissions and half of the people who get very sick and die to be vaccinated. Bob’s experience of losing his sister is tragic, and nobody denies that lockdowns are a last resort and that they have severe side effects. The idea that the governors and health commissioners and federal officials who are trying to protect our health by vaccine and mask mandates are driven by the desire for power is just evil. They might not get everything right but they are doing their best. other governors, like Florida’s De Santis, who are trying to stop people from protecting themselves, are the evil ones. But this country is hopelessly divided, so we’ll go on being angry and stupid.

    • avatar Jeff Walters

      Why put down De Santis, he has publicly stated that he and his family have been vaccinated. Where do you get off saying he is trying to stop people from protecting themselves. What he has done is opened may mono clonal sites to treat the Covid invection early. Not just go home and come back if you start having difficulties breathing. With no treatment offered and by the time you return to the hospital it’s so far progressed and you get put on a ventilator. Brilliant, and this from America where our Western Medical Practices are supposed to be top notch. Most doctors aren’t or weren’t treating the infection early on and we’re supposed to rely on a vaccine that doesn’t stop you from contracting the virus( they stopped tracking breakthrough cases for what reason) & it doesn’t prevent the vaccinated (who believe they have some sort of protection) from transmitting the virus to others. (Vaxxed or Unvaxxed) Though the vaccinated may get a milder infection, which is a plus. But, weigh that up with all the Vacc injuries and deaths. (which they (Media, CDC, FDA, Fauci, Walenski, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google) never seem to report on.) Checkout Epochnews.com, Dr.Mercolla.com, & Childrens Health Defense RFK JR’s org. ?? the science of don’t wear masks, ok wear masks, ok wear 2 masks, By the way our tax dollars funded this virus & Fauci & others should be in jail for bypassing our laws against gain of function lab work & funding. Fauci may be living his dream but he will one day stand before his maker….. Hope he’s wearing a has mat suit….

  • avatar Kathy Kunce

    There is so much misinformation out there and many of you have bought it. just why. vaccinations have saved many, many people and those that are not vaccinated are dying exponentially. it alll started with one person who is undeniably a criminal, but a vaccinated one. It now is out of control so that even he gets booed when he mentions he is vaccinated and boostered. this country has gone to hell in a handbasket.

    • avatar Gideon Gaye

      >> it alll started with one person who is undeniably a criminal, but a vaccinated one. It now is out of control so that even he gets booed when he mentions he is vaccinated and boostered. <<

      To what person are you referring?

  • avatar Jeff Walters

    I have a relative who works at an NCIS like lab (testing for Fentanyl, Cociane, Heroin, etc) Govt. run. He got the shot as he had to to keep his job. His wife hasn’t been poked and I don’t believe he would have received the shot if he wasn’t forced to to stay employed. He’s well educated & smarter than most of us. There are valid reasons to not want the shot. Anyone who got it and is still afraid of getting Covid should ask themselves why they got it if they are still fearful. What did they gain? Maybe milder symptoms when/if they get the virus? They themselves can still get it and still spread it. Maybe unvaccinated should be frustrated with them for thinking they have it covered and for exposing them. We should all be in this together. Rooting and praying for one another & wishing the best for each others health & their families & loved ones and friends. The Governor doesn’t know me from a hill of beans but will remove me from his state or detain me for being Covid free but unvaccinated. America may be falling from within…. I’m not in NY but if this goes unchallenged and allowed other states (mostly Blue) will for sure follow and jump on the bandwagon to wield power over the folks who are resisting the Big Pharma messenger gene therapies. By the way look into it. They lied about the the testing to get the vaccination EUA. They destroyed the control group so they can’t compare them to the vacc injured group. Dig deeper folks the info is out there. And, there are treatments that help & work that are being assaulted to force the vax. God help us we surely need You. The root of all evil is…..

  • avatar William Coatney

    You may wish to read what this guy has to say…….since he was the guy that essentially developed mRNA and is a renown epidemiologist

    Robert W Malone MD
    Read the opening article

    and from his blog

    At my age, there is a lot more road behind me than in front of me but that doesn’t mean I need to take my foot of the accelerator.

    Vaccinated and boosted? Yes

    In favor of mandates? No

    Cold front coming in and I am off to photograph snow geese

    Happy New Year to all

  • avatar James Saxon

    Happy New Year. May your year be prosperous, healthy and safe. Thanks for all you do for the photographic community. FYI, follow the money and you can understand the “business” of Washington DC.

  • avatar jeffry Armstrong

    The tyrannical Lefts true colors are just coming to be true and shown, saw this trend MANY, Decades, years ago!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Bob

    I also LOST my dear sister Colleen due to a lock down for covid, she was in a nursing home and because of covid the residents could not eat in there dining room!!!!!!!!!!!
    They were served there meals in there rooms and my sister died from choking on a lasagna noodle!!!!!!!!! Colleen was 66 years old!
    When staff went to pick up trays they found her already passed……
    Had she of been in the dining room her peers or staff WOULD HAVE CAUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!
    SO TELL ME ABOUT THE LOCK DOWNS AND SUCH …..CRAP…..you know where you can shove it!
    My nephew in the Marines now for 16 years forced to get the vaccine and booster or be discharged, he has now had covid twice and the last time nasty nasty he didn’t die because of taking something not meant for use as of now and meant for animals! Within a few weeks he was darn near back to normal.
    Always with love b

    • avatar Maxxus

      For Kathy Kunce, you are wrong. These vaccines are not saving lives like you have been told. They are helping but not nearly as effective as you were led to believe. Why is it that several nurses I know (all with over 15 years experience) refuse to take these vaccines?? I’ll tell you why, because they are seeing the issues first hand and know they aren’t safe as you were told…you have been misled. Big pharma and Big Tech are doing a great job of censoring real data from the public, they’re the ones creating the “misinformation”! You are part of their clinical research! Why is it that Pfizer asked for 75 years before having to release it’s data to the public?! That is rediculous! It is impossible to release a new vaccine that’s just over 1 year old and expect no fallout. Not possible. Go ahead and explain the many cases of Myocarditis and Blood Clots in young folks? It’s showing up in children now too! I suppose thats normal right?? Furthermore, doctors voices are being supressed as well… If they speak against the VACCINES hospital boards will pull their licenses! It’s madness. And lastly, ivermectin does work and is completely safe! Look it up…it’s been a very safe and effective drug and used in humans for decades prior to COVID. I know several folks who took this inexpensive drug and recovered with 48 hrs or severe symptoms onset. Big pharmas does not want a cheap and highly effective drug in this fight

      • avatar David Policansky

        Maxxus:. People have died from taking Ivermectin. Look it up.

        • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

          Hi David, Well, I have tried to stay out of the fray … With all due respect, I see that the two “suspected” Ivermectin deaths were in NM.

          I found the comment below to the article posted here

          From that DigiGuy

          This is BULLSHIT. Ivermectin IS NOT PROCESSED IN THE KIDNEYS. period. It is processed in the liver. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world in which an oral bolus of Ivermectin in any reasonable dosage (typical dosing for Covid is somewhere in the 12-20mg/day, depending on weight) could cause anything OTHER THAN the usual light side effects. Kidney failure? pure bullshit. If there were any validity to this at all, we’d have already seen dozens if not hundreds of other cases along the same lines elsewhere.

          Perhaps the pt was already experiencing kidney failure for other reasons? But no, ivermectin does not get processed in the kidneys. Apparently the conspiracists are too stupid/ignorant to understand the biology of medicinal absorption.

          Dr. Oliver, suggested that I add Ivermectin to my COVID-prevention protocol about a year ago. I have been taking one Ivermectin twice a week prophylactically since then. Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID must be taken early in the course of the virus.

          with love, artie

  • avatar Bob

    Happy New Year!
    I am NOT and will NOT be vaccinated with a drug that is experimental. It is all about $$ and power!
    Those that say they lost patience or whatever it is to BAD for them when the vaxxed can still get it and spread it and still have to wear masks, The media is to blame with all of this untrue claims and if someone asks me to wear a mask walking into a store, i will wear it to make them feel better but come and FORCE something in my being………it will not happen i’ll leave it at that.
    I’ve had your covid and drank my fluids and ate and stayed in and after a while beat it, trouble with most now days is there’s no getting out and moving and most have underling issues or obese.
    A whole cruise ship all being vaccinated gets locked down why? because they got covid, or a navy ship locked in port with all vaccinated but oh wait there’s a spread of covid
    I had a family member DIE due to being vaccinated within 2 weeks due to the adverse reactions. may it be 1 in how many i don’t F…ing care if they had not got it they would still be here.
    Bottom line losing family DIRECTLY due to the vaccine stay away from me as PER the medical examiner doing the results or cause of death!
    Always with love b

  • avatar Larry

    Lets not forget that mandatory school vaccinations have been around for decades (polio, measles, mumps, rubella, etc.). Is Covid any different?

    Another data point: G Washington forced his men to get vaccinated against smallpox, to prevent decimation of his army by the disease. Back then, the process wasn’t so easy either.

    • avatar Birdsky

      Yes it is different. It’s a messenger RNA inoculation that instructs your cells to manufacture a synthetic version of the pathogen. It is the first of its kind. Previous required school vaccines result in antibodies not pathogens.

    • avatar Jeff Walters

      Look into the childhood mandatory vaccinations. They get a waiver for any liability due to injuries from the vaccines. Some believe that is why Comirnaty the Phizer approved non EUA vax is not available. They summize that as they keep lowering the age groups for these vaccines if Phizer can get them added to the child mandatory vaccines they get full waiver of responsibility for any vaccine injuries. Yeah Follow the money and keep one eye open for big pharmas play on billions/triilions of revenues.

  • avatar Jeff R

    I have been to communist China a few times and they would be proud of New York. I choose to stand with Gandhi and MLK.

  • avatar Joel Eade

    Some famous quotes of Lincoln:

    1. In the Lyceum address Lincoln said, “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reaches us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

    2. “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.”

    3. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

  • avatar David Policansky

    By the way, I have long since lost patience with people who refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks for ideological reasons. They put the rest of us at risk. And there are almost no medical reasons to refuse vaccines. Happy new year.

    • avatar Jeff Walters

      Perhaps pray for patience. Look a little harder and you’ll find plenty of reasons why one should think two or three times before getting gene messaging shot that has our bodies make spike proteins. Can cause blood clots, heart issues, neurological, issues, Belles Palsy, miscarriages for pregnant mothers(whom they still recommend to get the shot). Yeah look into it. If you were vaxxed and boosted Thank God that you’re ok. By the way we still don’t know what long term effects the vax may cause. I heard of reports of cancers increasing, cancers in remission returning, etc. One article I read theorized it takes between 13 & 18 months for our bodies to clear out the affects of the shot. So each additional booster just adds to how long to clear it out of our systems. Article from a Dr. Not just some internet hack. God Bless.

  • avatar David Policansky

    Happy new year, Artie. Two of my friends died of covid late last year. May you and yours be spared it’s ravages.

  • avatar Brian Patteson

    This egregious bit of government overreach is the culmination of a trend that began as soon as Covid 19 appeared.

  • avatar Pugh

    Happy new year 2021, whooops.

  • avatar Wayne Lea

    May you and your family have a great upcoming New Year. My family plans on it no matter what we face in the upcoming year. Thank you very much for all of your continued blog posts they are both instructional and entertaining!

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