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Party Crashing Gear

The birthday girl, my Mom, Hazel Louise Morris

Party Crashing Gear

On September 23 past, my Mom, Hazel Morris, celebrated her 90ieth birthday in fine fashion at Tate’s Restaurant in Nesconset, NY not far from her home in Holbrook, Long Island. Four generations were in attendance. I brought along the 24-105 zoom, the 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II, the EOS-5D Mark III, and the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT. For the most part I worked in Program mode at ISO 800 adding and subtracting light as best I could. The flash was kept at -2/3 stop. Most of the images are straight out of camera.

My Mom and her aide, Addie.

My Mom’s four grandchildren: my daughter’s Alissa on our left, Jennifer on our right. My older sister Ilene’s two kids: Brian on our left and Scott on our right.

Scott being Scott. Scott is always first on line to help my Mom with fixing stuff!

My Mom loves doing jigsaw puzzles. Denise came up with the idea of having puzzles made from our photos. Here is my Mom with her Snow Monkey puzzle.

A rare photo of my guest Denise Ippolito. Looking quite beautiful.

I am eternally grateful to Kenny Giles. He made my former wife Dana happy and is a great grandpa as well. Dana is the mother of Jennifer and Alissa. Dana and Kenny live near my Mom and Alissa and Ilene.

Alissa’s older son Ilyas with his wonderful Dad Ajiniyaz in the background.

Alissa’s younger son Idris; he started reading at 3 1/2 and is something of a geography savant.

My younger sister Arna Lee. Actually I would have had an older sister but my Mom lost baby Carla right after my Dad went overseas during WWII.

Jennifer’s daughter Maya posing. (Future rock star.)

Brian’s oldest Max, a skilled Little League pitcher.

Carter, the little brother of Max is a sure fire Hall of Fame pitcher. He can knock you over with his fastball.

Scott’s youngest Emmie and her baby blues.

Max and Carter’s little sister Leiah.

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