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Urgent, and I Mean Urgent, 24-Hour Photoshop Live Notice

Urgent, and I Mean Urgent, 24-Hour Photoshop Live Notice

This just in (5am THUR): It am told that my Part II did indeed broadcast last night at 6:15 pm and that Part I ran at 5:30am this morning. I was unable to connect to GoToWebinar despite repeated efforts and downloads. I apologize to all who were inconvenienced.


Beginning at 5pm today, Wednesday, November 14, 2012, I will be presenting two different “Perfecting Bird Photography” sessions (Part I at 5:00pm and Eastern time and Part II at 6:15pm Eastern time.)

Part I will be repeated tomorrow morning at 5:30am.

I will be on-line to answer your questions.

To view, click here.

As this is a first-ever undertaking things have been quite confusing up to this point; I just learned my schedule at 3pm today. I regret that I was unable to publicize this earlier.

Additionally, I am unable to help with registration issues so please do not ask :).

ps: I am pretty sure that you can watch anything for free if you register before 5pm. More info here (but still somewhat confusing).

18 comments to Urgent, and I Mean Urgent, 24-Hour Photoshop Live Notice

  • Lee

    Sorry to hear about your mishap. Get well soon. It’s great that you had such a positive attitude about your fall. Most anyone else would have probably been so upset that it would have ruined their trip.

  • Renato Fernandez

    Any chance of the sessions coming as videos?

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Yes. We have already begun. Cheap! All will follow over the next few weeks. Scroll down here for info or click here to purchase.

  • Mike Miller

    Was not pre-registered, but managed somehow to view half of the 1st tutorial on leveling the horizon and filling in the new spaces in the ‘canvas’. The material was excellent, very well presented, and exactly the sort of thing I need to learn.

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Hi Mike, That was quite a trick! Thanks for your kind comments. The first MP4 Video was released this morning; all will follow over the next few weeks. Scroll down here for info or click here to purchase.

      I will make sure that the Leveling Tutorial is the next one to be released 🙂

  • Ian ROY


  • Catherine Costolo

    The webinar never started for me. I was really looking forward to it.

  • Steve Wasson

    Update… I was able to get the last bit of the 2nd session. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge in another venue!

  • Julian Mole

    Hi Arthur,

    Just caught the end of the 2nd video, but still managed to pick up some good tips. Thank you, just a shame it isn’t very clear how to register and view the webinars, let alone get the thing to work! 😉

  • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

    I’ve heard from several folks who registered and were unable to get on. I was unable to get on myself so I could not participate at all. Did anyone get on?

  • Steve Wasson

    No fault to you, Artie. Too bad they were not properly setup. I was able to connect, but Webinar never loaded. Same story with your second one, unfortunately.

  • Larry Coleman


    Yes these guys have been horribly disoreganized. I registered last week, but got my keys this morning ( PST) I have tried to get to your webinar at 5PM (EST) but all I get is a host not yet joined.

  • Kathy Teague

    I was sooo excited to get to see this, but so far mine is saying still waiting for the organizer to arrive. : (

  • Tim Navigator

    I tried Artie–I guess I was a half hour late as it’s 4:30 CST as the web site said sales ended—a lost opportunity—but looking forward to giving you a ride at Bosque in the Navigator—you know who I am! Tim

  • Susan Allshouse

    I have the same situation and have tried on PC, laptop and iPad all reporting Waiting for the organizer to arrive. Glad I’m not the only one.

  • Loren Charif

    not complaining…just reporting…I registered successfully in time but so far, at 522 ET, the webinar has not started.

    Hangin in there till it does!

    Thanks, Artie!

  • Chris Cooke

    Too late was the cry. Never mind, well done Artie.