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Murder (???) on the Beach!

Telling the Story

Which of today’s three featured images best tells the story on its own? Please leave a comment and let us know why you made your choice.

What’s Up?

On Saturday 31 July (can you believe it?), younger daughter Alissa, her husband, Ajiniyaz, and I drove up to the Anderson Center for […]

Working the Best Available Subject. a1 AF and OSS Systems at 1200mm. Leaf Removal. A Background Question. And a free and improved Divide and Conquer Tutorial

What’s Up?

I got to younger daughter Alissa’s home in Lake Ronkonkoma at about 9am and spent the day relaxing. Once the storm passed, it was a dry, beautiful, sunny, cool day, quite unusual for August on Long Island. At about 3:30pm, we headed to Cedar Beach for a nice swim in the Sound. Then […]

A Very Long Day That Ended Very Wet!

What’s Up?

Today is Friday 30 July 2021. Keep reading to learn about my very long Thursday that ended very wet.

I was glad to learn that BPN friend Kevin Hice was the third to sign up for Homer. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope that you too have a […]