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JAX Flight Photography Until You Can't Lift Your Lens!

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Monday morning under hazy skies was pretty much of a same-old same-old day. I photographed the small crane colt family, the large crane colts family, my first-ever ILE Mallard, and the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in the lake just south of the pier. Today is Tuesday 24 May 2022 and the forecast again is […]

1/80 second Flight -- What Was I Thinking?

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Sunday morning dawned hazy, and the sun was in and out between 7 and 8am. I did a little of this and a little of that and was about to head home. I decided to check the area just to the south of the pier one last time. Looking under the pier to […]

Day of Pure Joy. Gatorland Saved the Best for Last ... Killed Em with The Sony 70-200 II, 2X, Alpha 1 Handheld!

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What’s Up?

It all began with a great night of sleep on Friday. I was to be very early and woke to the alarm at 4:30am to pack the car and make my tea for the road. I met Vince Delack at Gatorland at 6:50am. […]