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Save Yourself From Too Many Images: Stringent Editing

What’s Down?

I inadvertently forgot to hit publish after finishing this blog post on Saturday night! I am publishing it on Monday morning so that you can enjoy two posts today. Or whenever.

Photo Mechanic Screen capture: 15 keepers from an 819-frame morning photo […]

Two Sony A7R IV Bodies To Go: One Regular, One Infrared

What’s Up?

I made it down to the lake on Sunday morning, created 581 images, and kept 28 after the first edit. Those included one nice frame of a Great Egret in the marsh; the rest were Sandhill Cranes and vultures. As is usual, I had fun and learned a bunch.

Which of today’s […]


Today’s NANPA Tidbit of the Day

NANPA Executive Director Susan Day wrote in a recent e-mail to me:

The other document (sic) that you requested (a copy of the agreement between NANPA and ASMP signed by both parties) is confidential, so I obviously cannot share them.

The message to NANPA Members here is very clear: […]