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The Goal: One Family Jewel per Session. Achieved.

Your Call?

Which of today’s two featured images is the strongest? Why?

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New YouTube Video: Picking My Keepers from a Darned Good (but unexpected) Summer Morning Down by the Lake

What’s Up?

We may (or may not) have a temporary blog post notification fix in place. Time will tell. I know that some or many or you received 19 “old” post notifications. Part of the problem is that there were 36 missed posts. So what happened to the other 17? Be assured that we are […]

Back in Business? Striving Not to Be Bored by Cranes

This Just In 4:30pm on Thursday

It looks as if we are back to square one as far as post notifications 🙁

What’s Up?

Having finally gotten in touch with the brilliant IT guy who created the BAA blog 15 years ago — he is now living on a farm in South Africa, online with […]