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Arrived In Dauphin Island...

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The Red-eyed Vireo was photographed with the Canon 800mmm f/5.6 L IS lens, the 1.4X II TC, and a 25mm extension tube. ISO 640. Evaluative metering +1/3 stop: 1/200 sec. a f.8. Fill flash with the Better Beamer at -1 13/ stops.

After the great SUV repair-job adventure, Chris Dodds and I arrived in Dauphin Island, Alabama on Friday afternoon.  There have been lots of birds but photographing migrant songbirds is always a huge challenge:  fast moving subjects, thick brush, tight quarters, low light, too many birders in the way, and cluttered perches all combine to make your efforts frustrating and physically demanding and your best images hugely rewarding. 

BIRDS AS ART BULLETIN #288 had been online for a bit.  You can find it here:  As always, you will find lots of great info and images with our now legendary educational captions.   Do see the offer of the “Fire in the Mist” Fine Art cancas prints. 

While at the Spacecoast Festival in Merritt Island I was  interviewed by Steve Moore of  You can listen to that interview (along with 3 others including one with birder/bird-watcher/author Pete Dunne) by clicking here:   Actually, you can either listen to it directly off the site or you can download it to your computer, I-pod or similar listening device.

4 comments to Arrived In Dauphin Island…

  • Gayle: any good photo opps?

    Chas: you got that right–they are a huge challenge.

    Mike: we were photographing in a nearly impossible situation at a row of bottle-brush plants in flower when this guy landed in a small tree at close range and sat for about 15 seconds. Monsieur Dodds says, “Hi.” We look forward to meeting and working with you.

  • I can’t remember seeing a Red-eyed Vireo down low enough to photograph. I look forward to reading the rest of “Art’s Adventures”and and meeting you and Chris at Pt Pelee.


  • Wow ! You always have a story.
    Glad to see you are on your way.
    Gone all weekend meaning you have now have two days under your belt.
    Same old problems with neo tropical migrant birds-but ain’t it fun anyway. I equate it to the primitive desire to hunt and fulfill when there is sucess.
    Good Luck !

  • Artie, I am enjoying following your travels. Dauphin Island should be great. I’m at Grand Isle, a barrier island in Louisana. We were able to see 16 different warblers from a single viewing spot on Friday over a two hour period. I agree with you about the challenges. The weekend is always filled with birders!