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Help Needed Times Two

Help Needed I

I got a response to a ticket at Homepage Universe stating that they think they found the problem with post notifications.

If you received a post notification for this short post via e-mail, please forward it to me at Many thanks, artie

Repair Sony Raw (ARW) Files?

Question: Does anyone know of, or have experience with, a software package that can repair damaged ARW files?

Situation: After uploading many photos from the Sony A1 and A9iii, I accidentally deleted them. I was able to recover all the files, but they are currently not viewable in Photoshop or Photo Mechanic. I’ve heard that Wondershare Recoverit can restore the files. Does anyone have any experience with this software or any other? Sony’s first level technical support was unable to help me.

Thank you,
Steve Shore

If you can help Steve, you can leave a comment or shoot him an e-mail.

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