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Is it possible to make beautiful, small-in-the-frame images of shorebirds that include habitat? And Sony Alpha a1 AF Magic

Need Your Help

In general, shorebirds live in flat, featureless, — usually pretty ugly places. There is not usually much of interest on a sandy beach or a mudflat. Your best chance of creating an artistically pleasing image is to get right down on the ground as close as possible to the bird’s eye level. […]

ILE GBH-Scape: Color or Black and White?

What’s Up?

I got some nice stuff on Sandhill Cranes on Friday morning. My favorite was mildly backlit, with a shaded foggy-water-with-all-dark tree-reflections background. Then I drove to the North Field, put on my heavy-duty waders, got out the loppers, and opened up a nice viewing window for my sunset photography. The sunset looked promising […]

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Visit the B&H super store and you get to try before you buy. Be sure to have fun when you visit but remember to use the BAA B&H link as a way of thanking us for all of the free educational info that we provide in the blog and in the Bulletins and to […]