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Canon EOS-7D Mark II ISO 800 Image Quality


Both denise and I are a lot more excited than we should be about getting back into the puffins. I spent the morning getting my Palouse image folder down from the original 3,000+ keepers down to 535. I spent the rest of the day answering e-mails and working on a few new images for […]

It Is Our Responsibility...

What’s Up?

If things go right this blog post should be published by Peter Kes in Switzerland or Jim Litzenberg from ILE at some point before I get home :). I will be on the Ortelius from 15 DEC and through the morning of 9 JAN. There is no wifi on the ship. That means […]

Oh What a Bird!

What’s Up?

This blog was adapted from one originally published here on April 4, 2012. I finished this blog post in the lobby of the Albatross Hotel on the morning of Sunday, December 14, 2014.

Along with the rest of my shipmates I boarded the Ortelius on the afternoon of 15 DEC. We […]