Fill Flash at +1 (ETTL) ... Too Much Bill Clean-up?

What’s Up?

Monday was work, work, work, a nice meditation walk, and a swim. After dinner I squeezed in some core and shoulder exercises. BAU = business as usual 🙂 And loving it.

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H or V From the Same Spot? And Black Crud or No Black Crud?

What’s Up?

After my morning session at Gatorland I drove home, stopped at Publix, and enjoyed a nice late afternoon swim. Then I optimized one of today’s featured images. See more below.

Please take a moment to go back to yesterday’s blog post here and take a crack at a few of the questions. […]

What Would You Do With the Big Foot Original?

What’s Up?

I spent the day at Gatorland with new friend (Downtown) Julie Brown, visiting FL from Indiana. We both had a great time. Julie learned a ton and I learned a few things as well. The most important thing that she learned was seeing the good situations. I will almost surely be offering the […]