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Lots More on San Diego Bird Photography. And Yet Another Used Old 500mm, this one in near-mint condition.


On Saturday it was rainy and chilly. I worked on several images and blog posts, drove around ILE looking for perches — I found one nice one, and, late in the day, swam 3/4 easy miles. The pool was 81 degrees, the air temperature was an even 50 degrees.

Right now it looks […]

Fujifilm XT-2, San Diego, Pelicans, and a slew of used Fuji and Sony photo gear for sale.


On Friday it was dark and foggy and drizzling most of the day. Jim dropped Anita off at the Orlando Airport on his way home. As far as getting stuff done, it was a hazy lazy day for me too though I did get a bit of work done on the 5D Mark IV […]

Perch Payoffs #2! Anhinga X Greater Roadrunner Hybrid! And Rescuing Under-exposed Silhouettes.


On Thursday morning it was foggy-dark so Anita and I searched for new perches. We wound up finding and setting up three, but so far none can compare to The Perch. I worked on photos and blog posts, visited Publix and ART chiropractor TJ McKeon in town, swam my slow 1/2 mile plus, visited […]