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Same Bird. Same Place. Same Lens. Same Photographer. Same Image? Amazing when you think about it ...

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I am feeling better still though I have a lingering, nagging, scratchy cough at times. I had a great time this weekend at DeSoto. Multiple IPT veteran Mike Hankes from Ormond Beach and newcomer Steve Olive from North Fort Myers joined me for the full program and Ray Jusseaume from Ellenton joined the […]

Exposure in the Fog/Please Rate This Image

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By Friday dinner I was feeling much better. I met up with Michael Hankes and we headed for DeSoto. While exploring on Tierra Verde we spotted a great blue with a big black snake, probably a racer. He did not like us and walked down to the shore of a nearby lake. As […]

On Going Downhill: Be Careful Out There ... Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Wreaks Havoc on Finland IPT Photographers: Part I. And Another Used Gear Gem!

What’s Up

I went down to the lake for an hour on Wednesday morning. I had about a dozen thisclose-to-being great chances that all fizzled out. I did have a few good chances and made a few decent images. I went down to the lake on Thursday morning but it was not too good.