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Black Skimmer Editing Practice. And Really Important Stuff.

Really Important Stuff, All Unsolicited Via e-mail from Jim Miller

I can’t stop thinking about how much fun the DeSoto Fall IPT was, and how much I learned. There were so many things that suddenly made perfect sense after I had been confused for so long. Thank you very much for the wonderful trip, and […]

The First-Ever RAW File/Image Optimization Challenge. And Still More 100-400 II Versatility.


I did enjoy a morning swim on Saturday and then made it over to DeSoto for the afternoon. I searched for the mystery heron/egret but did not find it. With a strong east wind and mostly clear skies, conditions were tough for bird photography; can you say “wind against sun?” But I really do […]

Understanding the Color of Light/Part I. And More 100-400 II Versatility.


It was 8:12am on Saturday morning as I put the finishing touches on this blog post. I am toying with the idea of heading over to Fort DeSoto this afternoon to look for the mystery heron/egret. I would stay over on Saturday night. I will need to swim early today and start driving at […]